Above all

Ronnie is a tall girl who get's bullied all the time, because of her height. Everyone say that she's arrogant and feels like she's above them all, but that is defiantly not how she feels. She doesn't get any help at home. She is often caught in her parents crossfires at home.
Ronnie’s situation doesn’t change to the better when three of the boys from 1 direction come to her school. Naill, Harry and Liam are attending some of Ronnie’s classes, and she's forced by her classmates to shrink down, she has no right to be above the boys. Ronnie feels frustrated and blames the boys for her misery, but how will it turn out when she gets closer to the boys and is offered to live with the 1 direction team for a week.


3. ONE reason a wrong DIRECTION

When the class was over everyone ran screaming out of the classroom. They yelled, pushed, giggled, wriggled and so on, they did all kind of fun things together. And their most favorite thing to do was to leave me out of it. I snug out without the big commotion, lucky me.
It was time for lunch and the queue went all the way down to the north corner of the canteen where the trash cans were. I walked behind the last one in the row and I could see all the way up to the food stand, there were meatballs today. Some guys behind me leaned from side to side, and  stood on their toes to get a better sight of the stand. “Meatballs” I whispered in a low voice hoping they heard it, but wouldn’t give it any thought, but they did. “Hi giraffe move it, get back in line” they pushed me while they placed themselves in front of me. Great. I was about to give up the attempt of getting any food after my fourth push back, when the speakers turned on. >>dear students we have an important message for you today<< no one were listening to our principal, but then suddenly the whole canteen got quite. >>Three boys for the famous boy band One direction will be attending some classes in our school, Naill, Liam and Harry will participating just like any other normal student<< a scream filled the big room, and I must say the room gave a lot of echo, and after that all the girls and some few boys screamed. Damn my ears hurt. Stacy was a few feet away from and she was jumping, screaming and glaring at me when she turned around facing me. She suddenly stopped her happy-jumping and came towards me. I turned around on my heel a headed for the door but the way was blocked by the stombies. Man!! Those chicks were quick how in the world did the move so fast in those clothing, it’s so tight and slim. Stacy grabbed my collar and I ended up bowing down to her level (of height of course, I will never sink so low to get down on their level). >>Don’t you dare raise your head above theirs when they’re here<< her eyes could seriously shoot fire. Damn those directioner, why were those three guys so good what were their names again; Liam, Naill was his name just like a toenail and Harry.                 

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