Above all

Ronnie is a tall girl who get's bullied all the time, because of her height. Everyone say that she's arrogant and feels like she's above them all, but that is defiantly not how she feels. She doesn't get any help at home. She is often caught in her parents crossfires at home.
Ronnie’s situation doesn’t change to the better when three of the boys from 1 direction come to her school. Naill, Harry and Liam are attending some of Ronnie’s classes, and she's forced by her classmates to shrink down, she has no right to be above the boys. Ronnie feels frustrated and blames the boys for her misery, but how will it turn out when she gets closer to the boys and is offered to live with the 1 direction team for a week.


2. in the way

I was the last to enter the class which left me with no other choice but one of the front seats. I sat down bowing my head and shrunk as far as I could into my seat, but I knew I wasn’t enough.
After only a couple of minutes the classroom was filled with whispering, mrs. Rae stopped her lecture and then it all began just like it always does, Stacy and the stombies.
“Can I ask what you all find so important that it needs to interfere with my tutoring?” mrs. Rae looked out on the faces of her students, I’m sure she really didn’t care. Stacy stood up making all the attention focus on her she loved being the center of everything. “You see mrs. Rae we were just discussing a relevant matter for the lesson” Stacy took a dramatic pause and continued with ruining my life. “Why is it that this big headed, tall, enormous, giant……” “Stacy please get to the point there’s no reason to display Ronnie any further” Stacy placed her hand above her heart and put her best angel face on “That was never my intention I just want to know why she sit in the front, it makes it impossible for the rest of us to learn anything from this lesson when her big head is in the way, she’s just too tall” And the bomb had been dropped, she’s too tall. Mrs. Rae gave me a nod which indicates that I need to move my ass and place it somewhere else. Great. I packed my backpack and switched seat with Tyler, one of the “cool” guys who also loved Stacy’s wriggling butt and followed it around all the time. I flustered sat down on the chair and was eager to smash my face down the table and cry, but I just kept smiling Stacy shouldn’t get the satisfaction of seeing my tears.                 

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