Above all

Ronnie is a tall girl who get's bullied all the time, because of her height. Everyone say that she's arrogant and feels like she's above them all, but that is defiantly not how she feels. She doesn't get any help at home. She is often caught in her parents crossfires at home.
Ronnie’s situation doesn’t change to the better when three of the boys from 1 direction come to her school. Naill, Harry and Liam are attending some of Ronnie’s classes, and she's forced by her classmates to shrink down, she has no right to be above the boys. Ronnie feels frustrated and blames the boys for her misery, but how will it turn out when she gets closer to the boys and is offered to live with the 1 direction team for a week.


1. being tall

I walked down the school corridor leaning forward to shrink down a little. Even though I’m pretty tall I feel small, actually I’m 5, 97 feet tall. People say I act all high and mighty, but I’m just walking around looking down. Nothing is mighty about me, if I should describe myself it would be as a “small” shaking mouse caught by a cat in a corner. The description is really detailed but everything fits, except the small part.
A loud laughter from behind rang a bell in my head warning me about their present. A cold hand grabbed my should and the pink colored nails forced me to turn around. A white powdered face was reflected in my blue eyes. Stacy bit her light pink lips and chuckled while she grabbed my flat hair. “Have you ever heard of shampoo Ron Ron?” Ron Ron their little joke of a nickname that only they found funny. Stacy and the two stombies, as I called them, wore tight flashy clothes yet again to school. I wondered how they could breathe in that clothes, it must have taken a whole lot of time of squishing to get into those tight jeans. As I was about to smack a cheeky answer back at her she swung her hair and wriggled her butt from side to side with enormous movements while she waved her way through the curios crowed. How can any guy find that attractive? I already knew the answer to my own question, all the guys loved Stacy’s wriggling ass. I shook my head and headed for my class room.

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