The Hidden

There's something daunting in those blue eyes. Mysterious and intriguing, the vision can't seem to slip away like the wrest. Rosalind Pierce has practically lived her whole life cooped up, hidden from the world. When she is forced to finally leave, she can never go back. On her adventure to stop a group called the Hunters from destroying her species kind, she meets a blue-eyed werewolf that turns her world upside down.


6. Where do we start?

Walking in silence, Rose and Will made their way though the rough terrain. She would try to set a pace and try not to run out of energy. As she would pick up speed to her walking pace, he would urge to go a little faster.

"So how are we going to find the Hunters?" Will asked, trying to break the silence.

"Well I heard from stories that Hunters stay hidden themselves and the only way to get to where they hide is through the portal that all Hunters keep on them at all times or through collecting of certain items that will open a portal."

"Okay, can't we just find a Hunter, rough them up a bit, and use their portal to get through," Will suggested.

"That's impossible. If we try to jump a Hunter there will be more, and we will get caught."

"Okay then we go with plan B. What are the items that we need to find?"

"Ummmm...the thing is...I don't know." 

"You sent me on a mission with you to not be able to know where to start!?!"

"Well there is a library I know of that has books about things like that. I had a couple of books about it that I didn't bother reading that had the libraries name in it. I just skimmed most of the pages."

"Try to remember what you read and maybe you'll remember."


She searched her memories for bits and pieces that her sister has taught her about different creatures and books that were out there. She came across one memory where her sister was lying in bed with her again but this time it was different.

"You see this book, Rose," Alice spoke softly.


"It's about different creatures that live out there in the world besides our kind. These books can be found in libraries but not with the rest. They are kept in a wall or hidden somewhere where mortals won't look. The library mom and dad got this book from is in a small town in Oregon called Frenchglen."

"What are we? What do we do?"

She took a long sigh and spoke,"our species have not been claimed or named, but we are given powers that can wipe out a whole other species."

"Is that why the Hunters are scared of us?"

"They have their reasons. When we receive our powers, they are given to us at age 16. It is your choice when you are 16 on how to use your powers, Rose. Not anyone else's. powers can also be transferred after a family's death before they are 16. Everyone has different powers from the rest- some are stronger and some are weaker. The hardest part about receiving your powers is accepting them and figuring out what potential you have."

"What if I'm not ready?"

"You can never be ready, Rose."


As the memory faded, Rose's hands trembled and her eyes held back her tears threatening to escape. She didn't want it to rain again from her tears. Why did she keep going with the memory? She could have stopped it before she got to emotionally in the scene. Her sister meant so much to her.

"Are you okay?" Will asked tenderly, resting a hand on her shoulder.

She wiped her damp eyes and forced a smile to form on her lips, "I'm fine. I found out where the library is located! Somewhere in...Frenchglen, Oregon? Where is Oregon?"

He gave Rose a glance over his shoulder as he started to walk again. She has to be crazy to not no where Oregon is he thought to herself. "I suggest that I lead the way and take care of directions," he hollered to Rose standing still watching him walk away.



Luke woke up to pitch black darkness around him. His arms where chained up to the walls and his legs dangled above the ground. His eyes were adjusting to the lighting, yet he couldn't make out one figure or anything around him. He had to be in a cellar or a basement. It rank of dead animals or people and flies flew around his head. 

He tried to remove his wrists from the shackles that held them, but as he tried harder to squeeze them through, the tighter they got. Soon spikes extended out and pierced his skin. Yelling out, Luke couldn't hold back the pain. The metallic tasting liquid trickled down his forearm and on to his blue shirt. As  he fought to keep his cries of pain in, sweat dripped from the tips of his hair  down his face. He heard a sound cross in front of him. Maybe a pebble? 

"Who are you?" A cackling voice came from the darkness.

"Lu-Lucas Anderson," he stuttered.

"No what are you?" He came again.

"A human."

"Ahhhh...a mortal. You won't survive much longer. You are dead as far as I know. Hehehehehee," the creature laughed and made a loud echoing sound through the darkness.

"What do you mean?" He yelled but no one answered back, "hello?"

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