The Hidden

There's something daunting in those blue eyes. Mysterious and intriguing, the vision can't seem to slip away like the wrest. Rosalind Pierce has practically lived her whole life cooped up, hidden from the world. When she is forced to finally leave, she can never go back. On her adventure to stop a group called the Hunters from destroying her species kind, she meets a blue-eyed werewolf that turns her world upside down.


1. The Vision

The murky fog hung low in the morning air, sending chills rolling down her back. Hiding behind a rock, she waited for the trespassers to subside and move on to the next sector. She anticipated their movements and headed west as they headed east, hopping she was fast enough to not be seen, her hair hanging over her shoulders in a mass of curls. As she made her way to the last set of trees, she made sure to make her movements diliberate and swift. She prolonged to feel the sun on her face and her feet touch the concrete. She wanted to breath in the sunshine and not the tainted, mossy smell of the trees. The barricaders of her very life could hold her no more, and she would at last be free of the imprisonment  she was forced to stay in. She saw it; the last stretch of yards were clear, and all she could see now was the end to all this misery and suffering. Just one more step. Not realizing she had company, she came to hault at the last row of trees. Standing infront of her was not a man nor women but a pair of blue eyes with flecks of orange staring right at her. At first she tried to push past the eyes, but they kept getting bigger and bigger until all that was left of the trees and land was nothing. A black abyss, a never ending chasm, took the place of the land she once planted her feet on and all what was left of life was her and the blue eyes that held their gaze on her in the most peculiar way.

"Rose?" She awoke to the sound of a beckoning voice from her dream. Confused about what had happened, she kept her eyes shut, tempted to keep them shut forever. Every detail she depicted from the dream felt so real. "Rosalind?" The voice came again. It was husky and tender. 

She grabbed her blankets, pulled them up to her neck and flipped over on her side, hiding her face from her morning visitor. She felt her bed shift and sink on the side he sat on. Scooping her up in a heap of blankets, he placed her head in the middle of his chest, loosened her braid, and tangled their legs together. She could hear his fluttering heartbeat under his rising chest. Finally looking up, Rose met a pair of emerald green eyes staring at her, pulling her in from any distraction. His blonde hair fell right above his brow bone, tangling in a mess of curls. He knelt his head down touching his forehead to hers. 

"What's wrong?" He asked in an accusing tone, taking back the emotion of the moment. 

"It's nothing, Luke," Rose let out, worried that he might doubt her, "I promise." She obviously convinced him or so she hoped. 

He tucked a strand of her dark brown hair behind her ear and subtly looked down to her plush lips.  She was still wearing her raggedy pajamas, her hair straight and curly in different places in her head. Her dark honey brown eyes were alive with angst. Caressing her, Luke rubbed his thumb across her cheekbone, slowly moving down to her lips and back up again to her cheek. Rose shuttered, caught his hand, and held his hand in hers. Flipping their hands over, Luke gently brushed his lips across the back of her hand. He pecked her arm up to her shoulder with tiny little kisses.

When he reached her neck, he tenderly kissed her collarbone up to her ear, whispering softly in her ear, "Will you go to the moonlight dance with me?" Smiling and laughing at the thought that he already knew the answer, she shook her head no. He kissed her cheek, "Now will you go to the dance with me?" 

This time Rose spoke up, " know I can't go out-"

But all that she had to say was slurred as he pressed his lips to hers. Wanting more, she parted her lips farther apart and closed her eyes, but then he quickly moved away. 

"Uh," she sighed, surprised by the fast ending of the kiss, "what's wrong?"

"Just say yes," he replied, rubbing his forehead against hers, his lips against hers as he spoke.

"But you know my lack of dancing skills," Rose teased.

"Say yes and you know I can teach you," Luke looked into her eyes and pressed his lips closer to hers.

"Fine. Yes," she whispered so no other could here but them. 

Filled with excitement, he wrapped her up in his arms and kissed her with force. Not the force that could hurt but the force that made your adrenaline pump and your blood course through your veins faster than you ever thought they could. As Luke grabbed her waist, she wrapped her legs around his hip bone, pulling her closer. Her heart raced  to the intense heat of the moment. He ran his fingers through her hair as he laid her back on the bed. His body fit into hers like a puzzle piece. Rose could feel his body tensing on top of her. She gently touched his  cheek as she intensified the kiss even deeper, reassuring him. He cupped the small of her back under her shirt. 

Realizing that they should stop, Rose took his hands and slid them out from underneath her, touched his cheeked, and slipped her lips away from his. She looked up into his eyes again.

"If that's what I get for asking you too a stupid dance, then what do I get it if I asked you something really important," he teased, his body still on top of hers. 

As she wrenched her arm back to slap him for his comment, he caught her hand, his eyes till on her. He reached into his pocket for a gold charm bracelet.  "I also wanted to give you this." Luke took her hand and clasped the bracelet around her wrist.

"It's beautiful, thank you," Rose replied, examining the gift. She reached up and planted a kiss on his cheek, his face plush as a pillow.




















"I'll see you later okay?" Luke asked, winking on his way out and not waiting for an answer. 

Clearly he didn't go through the front door because he left the same way he came in and of course it was the open window. She never asks how he does it since her bedroom is on the second floor. He scares her sometimes when he jumps. Rose scurried over to her window to check that he hadn't fallen or hurt himself, but there was no trace of him of which direction he could have gone. The scenery outside her window is breathtaking except she's never been able to experience the sights, the smells, and feel of it up close. The only purpose of the window for her is just a reminder to stay in this solid confinement she has lived in since she was three. The only highlight of her day is when Luke comes.

Luke makes her forget all about that though. Whenever she's with him she feels like she can escape from all of it and be with just him. He asks her to leave from time to time, but she's too scared to actually leave. People like her weren't meant to walk in the light with mortals. The last person of her kind that she knew was her sister, Alice. She was so charismatic, kno-

They were under the covers , telling each other secrets. "I need to tell you something and your not going to cry," she told Rose sternly, "Rose, I'm going to die tomorrow and you will receive my powers once I die. Luke and Eric will gather food for you. And you will promise me to never go outside," she said, kissing her forehead and rolling over afterwards. She didn't ask one question nor cry, but she could make out the faintest sound in the proximity between them; it was a small weep not hers, but her sisters. 

Her vision faded away. Rose awoke the next morning with her sister gone and not sleeping next to her but dead somewhere where Rose wouldn't see. It was one month before her sixth birthday when her sister died. Rose wasn't ready to be alone nor ready to loose Alice. She decided to move them into a house in the woods, separated from society. Their parents were killed by the "Hunters," taken in the middle of the night and tested on. Not wanting the same fate for her and Rose, she kept them in hiding.

Luke was and still is the only person she has met that is her age. Luke and his brother, Eric, were walking in the woods one day when they stumbled upon her sister gathering food, and they insisted on helping. She of course said no, but they followed her back to the house; they were persistent. She let them help her, and after awhile they became friends. They'd come over everyday and help gather food. When they felt like they could trust them enough, Rose and Alice told them about who they were. They weren't even stunned, just curious and would ask Alice all sorts of questions. Now, Rose and Luke are together as strange as it is. 

As always Rose did her morning routine through out the house. She ate, cleaned the mess that was never there since she never went anywhere, and wrote a note to Luke about her day. She should have told him about her dream. Maybe she could write about the dream in the letter, but then she realized she should just tell him first thing when he comes back. Her dreams sometimes come true. They're almost like visions of the future, but the future could always change. It was always hard for her to interpret the dreams and what they really mean. They mostly meant something else.



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