The Hidden

There's something daunting in those blue eyes. Mysterious and intriguing, the vision can't seem to slip away like the wrest. Rosalind Pierce has practically lived her whole life cooped up, hidden from the world. When she is forced to finally leave, she can never go back. On her adventure to stop a group called the Hunters from destroying her species kind, she meets a blue-eyed werewolf that turns her world upside down.


7. The Library

"So tell me again how are we going to start a car?" Rose asked as they found a black range rover parked on the curb of a street.

"Easy, I learned how to a couple years back or I think it was a couple," Will replied.

He was just about to throw a rock at the window when Rose stopped him, "wait! Shouldn't you check if the car is open first?"

"Why would it be open? Who the hell would leave a car like this unlocked?" He asked. She tried to open the door herself. As she predicted, the door was open.

"How did you know that?"

"If the sign back there was right about the population being only 30 people, then what's the worry of anybody stealing?"

He shrugged his shoulders and began to mess with all the wires under the wheel where the pedals were. Time was passing by fast and soon one minute turned into an hour.

"Hey! What are you doing to my car!?!" A guy yelled from in front of us.

"Hurry up! Are you almost done?" Rose asked urgently.

"Not even close. I think we need to make a break for it," Will was about to leave the car as Rose pulled him in.

"No let me try," she pleaded as Will have her a disbelieving glance. She concentrated all her energy on the car. The car suddenly started to make a light vibrating noise, the stick moved from park to drive, and it began moving down the road. "Grab the wheel!"


Soon they were driving to Frenchglen.
Rose was looking out the window as Will was watching her carefully. 

"Tell me about yourself, Rosie," he insisted.

"Ummm...well I've lived in a house in the woods and haven't left it since I was three. My mom and dad died when my sister moved us to the house. My sister died when I was five. I have a boyfriend named Lucas. And he's my best friend-"

"Wait so you are able to have a boyfriend in all this mess?" He gave her a glance to the side and turned his eyes back on the road.

"Yes jackass! Now tell me about yourself," she smirked.

"I'm not the sharing of backstory type of guy."

"So I can tell you about myself, but you can't tell me about yourself," she rolled her eyes irritatedly.

"Okay fine. I was raised into a wealthy family. I ran away when I was 14. I became a werewolf that exact night."

"That's it? Why did you run away if you had a wealthy family? How did you turn into a werewolf? Have you turned someone yourself?" Rose questioned.

"I ran away because I was abused, Rosie."

"Oh...I'm so sorry. I didn't know-"

"It's okay. Ummm well when I turned, I got bit by the wolf, I killed the wolf, and it's blood seeped into the bite mark. Most people only need to get bit but somehow receiving the wolfs blood made me stronger and bigger. And no I've never turned anybody."

"Okay." She smiled sweetly and didn't ask anything else.

As they entered Frenchglen, Rose read   a sign that read 'Welcome to Frenchglen pop. 12'. She chuckled a little to herself and looked back at the road. When they finally pulled up to the library, Rose stepped out of the car and headed up the stairs into the quaint building. You could tell it was old with its crumbling brick walls and rusted metal wording spelling out 'Library'. 

"Hello," a man behind a old wooden desk greeted Will and Rose. They nodded in unison as to say hello back and acknowledge him.

Rose spoke softly, "follow me," she led them to the darkest corner in the library and only one lamp light lighted the area,"it's gotta be behind one of these book cases."

She started to pull books out, flip the over, touching the actual book case, and touching the floor. Soon Will got what she was trying to do and began doing the same. When there was only one book left, Rose pulled it out and it sent out a clicking noise. The wall started to move towards them. Behind the bookcase there were a set of stairs that led downward and upward. 

"Okay we should split up. You go downstairs and I go upstairs," Will planned out.

"Okay. Do you know what book to look for?" Rose asked.

"I think I can manage to figure it out," he smirked.

As Will went upstairs, she went downstairs. It felt like they were never ending stairs. He would reach the top but then another set of stairs appeared and then another. Suddenly he heard a shriek and was running down the stairs as fast as he could, but as soon as he reached the bottom, there were more stairs. It must be a spell on these stairs, and he's stuck. He slowed down and looked at the walls to see if there are any hidden doors. He finally came across a wall that was shaped as a door and opened it. The screams he heard were getting louder. Her screams.

Will arrived to the scene with Rose lying on the ground screaming with an open book sprawled out beside her and a green creature laying over her limp body.

"What did you do to her!?" He yelled.

"The beauty tried to take one of my precious books, so I've decided to keep her as a pet."

"As a what!?" He kept yelling, infuriated what the troll has done to her. 

"As a pet, she's my property now. I bit her; she's mine. Besides you won't want her after she becomes my servant and won't remember you.," he cackled happily.

"No! Is there any other way?" Will pleaded.

"Well there is one possible chance," he shook it off like it was nothing.

"Well," Will moved his hands in a circle guesturing for him to speak up and hurry. 

"Kiss her." His eyes lighted up into pure joy.

"Kiss her! Why?"

"It's your only way out and for my own amusement."

"Fine," Will spat.

He made his way to her limp body lying on the ground, her veins popping out of her neck from the poison. 

"Rosie, I'll make the pain go away," he looked her deeply in her eyes, "I promise and then we can get out of here."

She nodded her head shakily and screamed out again, her eyes about to fall back into her head.

Will caressed her cheek and kissed her plush lips. They must have been the softest thing in the world. Her body heat swarming on his body. He kept his eyes open while kissing her to watch her body.  Slowly her hand slid up his back to his hair and her lips started kissing him back. Shocked, he closed his eyes and deepened the kiss. She didn't stop him at all. Actually, she seemed caught up in it and wanted to be kissed. She bit his lip as he slid his hands to her waist. Will has kissed many girls before, but this kiss felt better than any other.

A clapping noise came from the other side of the room, "very well done. Are you guys together?" The troll asked.

No one dared to answer him. They were both looking at each other, mesmerized by the kiss.

"Awwww...I see," he said as if there was something to understand, "well you best be on your way now, ta ta," he waved his fingers in the air and Will and Rose found themselves outside of the library with a book in Rose's hand.

They were still staring at each other. Rose was the first to look away. She headed to the car steadily with the book in her hand. Will just stared at her walking away. 

"What happened back there?" Will thought to himself.


"I'm back," the cackling voice sang out.

"Go away," Lucas groaned, his wrists still pierced with the spikes. He could barely feel his hands from the blood loss and couldn't tell which way was left and which way was right. He was surprised he has made it this long. It had of been hours and all his blood dried up on his hands.

"I  thought you liked my company," the voice said amusingly, "anyway I thought you would like to see this."

A glowing light lighted the whole room and for once he knew where he was. It looked like an abandoned jail all the metal was rusted over. And- then there was the face to the voice. His face was smaller than his body, his eyes glowed a yellow tinted color with one eye being larger than the other, and his ears were disproportionate to each other. His nose was fat and had snot covering it. All the rest of him was green...not just from the glow...

Then suddenly the green turned into a bright orb that showed a beautiful familiar face that he knew. Even though his vision and thoughts were skew, he knew that that was Rosalind. 
A little gasp left Lucas' lips.

"Is this your girl?" The green creature asked. 

"Yes! yes that's her," Lucas answered.

"Well it doesn't look like it anymore."

A recording started to play in the clear orb. Lucas turned all his attention to it when he saw her face walk into a- library? Why would she be at a library? She should be hiding. He kept watching as a boy walked in behind her. He had black brownish hair and blue eyes. He was fairly tall compared to her and was awfully close to her body. Soon the scene stopped and skipped to another. Rose was embraced in his arms and they were- KISSING! She has moved on in amount of a day! Lucas dropped his head, hanging lower to floor than he's ever done before. He felt defeated and deflated.


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