The Hidden

There's something daunting in those blue eyes. Mysterious and intriguing, the vision can't seem to slip away like the wrest. Rosalind Pierce has practically lived her whole life cooped up, hidden from the world. When she is forced to finally leave, she can never go back. On her adventure to stop a group called the Hunters from destroying her species kind, she meets a blue-eyed werewolf that turns her world upside down.


4. The Hunters

It was late in the afternoon of the the next day. Luke couldn't sleep at all last night. His shoulder felt better, but the guilt ate away at him from yesterday. He should have never tried to get her to go to the dance; it wasn't worth picking a fight with her. He screwed up bad.

"Hey, don't you have to get ready for the dance," Eric said,  coming in without knocking.

Luke gave a sideways shrug, "I'm not going anymore," he replied disappointedly.

"I thought you were going with Rose. You've been talking about it all week about asking her," Eric questioned.

"I was, but now I realize that maybe the safest place for her right now is in that house," he reluctantly replied.

"You should at least go and enjoy yourself. You always are either helping Mom," Eric chimed in as he left out the door.

Luke looked out the window where he saw the sun slowly setting, indicating the time he usually goes to see Rose. He should just go to her house anyway just to apologize for the mess he has made out of all of this. She would understand. Maybe if he snuck out now-

"Hello, Mrs. Anderson. We are looking for your sons, Luke and Eric. We have some serious business to handle with them," a monotone voice came from downstairs.

"Uh...what is this about?" Luke's mom questioned.

Luke looked out the window to the front door where he saw men dressed in black coats intruding into his house.
The sound of breaking dishes and his mothers cries came from downstairs. He ran out of his bedroom to see the men strapping his mother and brother down to the wooden seats. 

One of the men paced back and forth in front of them, "now where is Luke," he spat, smirking at the two of them, "do I have to repeat myself? Where is Luke? Is he upstairs? Why don't you invite him down? he with the girl?"

"Rose!" Luke realized in his head.

"You will never find him!" Luke's mom countered as the man back handed her across her cheek, "go to hell," she spat, her mouth filled with blood.

Eric looked up at him, his eyes pleading for him to run. As he did, one of the men in black looked up and all followed in pursuit. Luke hid behind the wall, hoping none of them saw him shift.

The leader looked at his men and ordered them, "get him."

The footsteps were getting closer and Luke's only way out was through the window. How do they know him? He's after her! Those are the Hunters.

Luke unhatched the window and climbed out as fast as he can. He needed to get to Rose in time to warn her. His feet pounded against the pavement into the mushy dirt of the forest. Luke heard the men not so far behind him. Every time he felt they got closer, he pushed harder and faster. Rose's house was probably only a fourth of a mile away now. He could make it.



The dress fit her body perfectly. She didn't look in the mirror much; after being in a house with only you, it becomes boring only seeing your face. She hadn't realized how slim she was, but the dress emphasized it all. Her skin looked much lighter than the skin she had when she first got to the house. It was an olive color now; it used to be golden brown. She pinned her hair up into an intricate bun, so her would curl when she took it out. Her eyes looked wider than usual and golden. Her teeth were still straight in most areas but crooked in others. She managed to fine some spare make up and apply some mascara, eyeliner, and blush. She felt beautiful in the dress. It twirled at the bottom when she spun and hugged her upper body just right. As for her shoes, she wore her converse. Most people would think of her as silly as she did wear such an elegant dress, but she was never fond of heels and never found a purpose for them; she definitely wasn't short.

She needed to prove to Luke that she was truly sorry. It made sense why he didn't come this morning or tonight. She made a mistake and needed to make it up to him. She needed to hurry up and leave before she lost absolute daylight. She climbed down the wall, picked up her dress, and ran across the plain to the woods. As she walked through the forest, she tried to remember where Luke's house was. He shown her a couple of times before when they gathered food together with her sister. 


Rose looked to the direction of the sound but nothing was there. She kept her pace and started to trot a little in the process. 


As she looked again, another person slammed into the side of her and onto the ground. About to scream, the figure covered her mouth with their hand and pressed a finger to their lips. Terrified and shocked, she grabbed the nearest piece of rock or branch and tried to hit them with it. 

"Stop that," he whispered, "you need to be quiet."

"Luke? Oh my gosh! Why are you in the woods? Why do we have to be quiet? I was walking to your house," Rose questioned.

Still out of breath he explained, "you need to run, Rose, they're after you. They found me and are after you. I'm sorry," he apologized, kissing her softly and helping her off the ground and making her run.

"Wait what about you?" She worried.

"I'll be fine! Now, go," he begged.

As he watched her take off running, Luke whispered under his breath, "I love you, Rosalind," so only he could hear. Then everything went black.


The black coated men carried his limp body back to the house where his mother and brother were knocked unconscious. When they got inside the house, they strapped him down to a chair with thick rope that left red marks on his skin.

"Luke, how nice of you to join us," the man in black coat spoke, "my name is Alexander. I hear you know of my little friend, Rosalind Pierce. She is beauty isn't she. To bad we can't find you perhaps know where she is?"

Luke'a head throbbed. He couldn't make out many of the words he said, but he did know one thing, "you will never find her."

"Awww...isn't that sweet. That sounded like what your mother said about you, but guess who's here now? Find her, now!" He ordered the others as Luke began to sink right back into darkness.

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