This is me get over it!

our names are Emily,Abbie,Becka,Olivia,and,Gracie and this is our story of our life.


2. volleyball

Olivias Pov

I hoped up onto my motorcycle and drove off to volleyball practice. When I got there I saw Emily,Gracie,and Becka. I walked over to where they were talking.

"Hey guys whats up?" I asked

"Nothing much coach isnt here yet though so we are just talking whats up with you?" Emily asked

"OKAY EVERYBODY GET INTO YOUR TEAMS WE ARE GOING TO START!!!" the coach yelled as she walked into the gym.

the bonus to this is we are all on the same teamwhich is pretty awesome.

*45 minutes later*

"okay you guys did great now I want all to remember we have a game in England Saturday so practice!" My coach said

"What if we cant go?" Krystle asked

"Then you cant go i guess" the coach answered

just then the door opened

"excuse me practice isnt over yet" the coach said

"Im so sorry but I just got home and I miss my sister" the voice said

we all turned around cause we where sitting on the floor.

when we turned around we saw one direction . I got up and ran to Zayn. He picked me up and spun  me aroung then put me down.

"ARE YOU GUYS DATING?!" hanna yelled

I turned to her and said "no hes my big brother."

my friends came over and gave Zayn hugs to except Gracie who didnt know him after volleyball practice zayn wanted me to ride with them but I ran to my motorcycle and went to pick up Abbie so we could hang out at my house.






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