This is me get over it!

our names are Emily,Abbie,Becka,Olivia,and,Gracie and this is our story of our life.


4. At the beach

Liam's Pov

I think Olivia and what was her name? I think it was Abby? Yeah Abby. Well they ran away out the door. I turned to Zayn who looked shocked.

"Dude give them some credit I bet you did the same thing when you where her age." Harry said

"Shut it Styles!" He yelled

"Why dont we go to the beach now guys" I said

"Yeah why not?" Louis said but I saw the way hey looked at Olivia

*At the beach*

It started to get dark as soon as we got to the beach but when we went down on the beach we saw Olivia, Abbie and 3 other girls sitting around a fire.

"Liv!" Zayn called

"WHAT!" she yelled turning around to face him because we where behind her

Olivias Pov

He found me. This is not good. I gasped and stepped back almost stepping in the fire.

Beckas Pov

I saw what she saw and it was not good.

"Guys RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!" Olivia yelled as she ran away everybody ran except Olivia. Olivia stayed standing there.

"Olivia Come on hurry" I yelled at her but her back was facing me. Then she turned around and she was crying which isn't  good because she has never cried in front of anyone

"Becka go get everyone to safety and dont come back I want you all safe now GOO!!" she yelled at me she turned back around and she got shot in her arm then again in  her leg. Then her ex boyfriend ran away and didnt come back. I ran over to her and she was laying on the ground. I turned around around and everybody was gone.\


"HELPPPP SOMEBODY HELP PLEASE! PLEASE WE NEED HELP!!!!!" just then Louis came over to her and picked her up bridal style and stood up

she turned onto her side so her face was in his chest he ran up to his car and I jumped in the driver seat so he could hold Liv. when we got to the hospital the nurse came and put her on a gurney and me and Louis tried to follow but another nurse came and wouldn't let us pass then we where sent to the waiting room then we called Zayn and the girls to come to the hospital because they were looking for us. So this is a great day if you ask me anyway. (note sarcasm)













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