Zoe Rallenger is a 17 year old girl. She has a horse, who's name is Storm. She trained him by herself. Zoe finds a Connemara pony lost, and wondering around the marshes. No one owned him, so she took him in. But will she ever be able to train him.
Books in this series:
Storm, Forever cursed?


4. Looking into it

I started to look into what i would need. I already have the 40 stables, two sand schools and the indoor school. I needed a tack room. A fairly large one. And a food store. I got the same builder back in to build them. 

A month later and they were built. Storm and Cloud were getting along better than i had ever thought they would. They were playing in the paddock together. I think Storm had been lonely without Lucky, as she had stayed with my sister at my parents house. I am thinking about them working together, pulling carts as well as their riding. 

But there are two extremely important tasks at hand; one was to train cloud for riding. The other was to get more horses. First has to come Cloud, and training. I KNOW he is going to be A LOT harder to train than Storm, but i am 100% up for that challenge! 

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