Zoe Rallenger is a 17 year old girl. She has a horse, who's name is Storm. She trained him by herself. Zoe finds a Connemara pony lost, and wondering around the marshes. No one owned him, so she took him in. But will she ever be able to train him.
Books in this series:
Storm, Forever cursed?


3. Back to full health

a week later, and Cloud is now 100% healthy. He has been chasing Storm in the paddock, and they are both getting along very well. I have been starting to think about what i want to train cloud for. I think he is about 4 years old. I have been thinking about my life long dream, to have a riding school. Then an idea hit me. 

I got an idea. I got 40 stables built, along with two sand schools and an indoor school.

I was going to have my riding school. But i wanted there to be something special about this one. i promised myself something. ALL the horses i got had to be rescued horses, and i was going to train ALL of them myself.

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