Don't Let Me Go

Raelynn has to move halfway across the world for her fathers job, San Diego is all she's ever known. Will meeting a special someone turn a bad situation around?


2. Texas

It felt like forever until the plane landed in Texas so we could get on yet another plane to go to London. I got off the plane, got my bags and headed towards the final plane that would lead me to London. I sat back down in the seat, put my headphones back in and looked on my Instagram. I allowed myself onto my friends' accounts and smiled whilst remembering the moment the pictures had been taken. I then got onto mine and scrolled down to the very first picture I posted. The one of me and Heidi on our first day of middle school. I think that's when I just lost it. I felt myself start to shake as I sobbed into my mother who was now sitting next to me. It was just now that it hit me that I'm on the final plane, which means we are actually moving. I'm actually leaving every single one of my friends, all of my teachers, everyone. I'm just starting new now. I know absolutely no one over there, well except obviously One Direction is from the UK but lets get real now, I will never meet them. I slowly calmed myself down and wiped my tears and hugged my mom before my siblings look their seat beside me. I rested my head upon the window and felt myself slowly drift asleep, and when I wake I will be in a place I will now call my home, but in reality my home is miles and miles away from here..

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