Don't Let Me Go

Raelynn has to move halfway across the world for her fathers job, San Diego is all she's ever known. Will meeting a special someone turn a bad situation around?


7. Second Dates

   After we finished eating I packed up the leftovers and put them in the basket before I walked Raelynn back up to the car after I opened the door for her and put the basket in the trunk I got in the car and looked over at her. "I had a great time today Raelynn" I couldn't stop smiling and I don't know why. "So did I Harry, thanks for the picnic it was great" hearing  her laugh was the cutest thing ever I had to admit. I turned back to the road and thought about this afternoon. I learned a lot about her and I really want to see her again. I found out about her siblings, her school life, and mostly everything about her. I really liked her. We pulled up to her apartment complex and before I got out to he thee door I asked "Hey Raelynn tomorrow me and the boys are going to an interview, wanna come?" I didn't know if she'd want to since she just now moved here but it was worth a shot. "I'd love to Harry" thank God. "Alright I text you when I'll pick you up and everything. But today was really great, I'm glad I met you" after I said that I went around to her side of the car and opened the door for her and hugged her goodbye before getting back in and driving to my house. 
   Coming back from mine and Harry's first date I was ecstatic that he asked me for a second date. I wasn't sure what to wear to an interview date I knew I wasn't going to be on air but I still wasn't sure. I'd have to text Harry about that later. I walked into my room and laid on my bed thinking of the date. Words couldn't describe the joy I was feeling right now, I never even thought that I would ever even meet then and now I'm going on a second date with Harry, it was incredible.

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