Don't Let Me Go

Raelynn has to move halfway across the world for her fathers job, San Diego is all she's ever known. Will meeting a special someone turn a bad situation around?


4. Room Shopping

I woke up to Brent and Torrie fighting over who would get what room. I rubbed my eyes and walked into the room they were in. It was the smallest out of all 4 so I don't see why they wanted it so bad. I had already called my room so they had to pick between the other 2 left.  Since I couldn't stay for graduation my parents let me have the master with the en suite bathroom. Don't let that fool you into thinking I'm spoiled. I'm far from that. I might be the first born but Torrie gets all the attention. When she was born she was diagnosed with asthma and diabetes so she gets all the attention. 
     I practically had to raise myself as well as them since my parents were constantly working. Since my parents were never around I had a very bad relationship with them. You would think that if I barely saw then I would love this shopping trip today since I got to spend all day with them. You're wrong. We fight constantly and I hate almost every second of it. 
      I quickly got tired of hearing them bicker so I went to my room and picked out what I would wear for the day. Since it isn't that warm out I decided on skinny jeans, a sweatshirt from my school and vans. I went to the bathroom with my clothes and got dressed in there. I took my hair out of the bun and brushed it. I really didn't feel like doing anything with it so I just braided it to the side and put on a little mascara before returning to my room to get my phone and to put on my deodorant before we all left for breakfast and shopping. This will be a very long day ahead of me.

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