Don't Let Me Go

Raelynn has to move halfway across the world for her fathers job, San Diego is all she's ever known. Will meeting a special someone turn a bad situation around?


5. Breakfast and Harry Styles

I followed my mom out the door with my siblings close behind as my dad locked it behind us. My mom led the way to wherever she wanted to eat. We walked a bit down the road then turned a corner until we arrived at a small diner that I've never heard of. We got in and sat down and I just ordered water and eggs. When I got done I glanced to my right for a quick second and turned back to the conversation my mom was having with Torrie. Wait a second. I know that face. That face is my lock screen. Oh my god. I turned back over and saw Harry Styles sitting alone in a booth. I guess I didn't realize I was staring until he looked up and saw me and smiled. I quickly turned away blushing. Oh my god. Harry Styles just looked at me. I told my mom I was getting up to go to the restroom but I went over and sat across from him. He looked up from his phone, I guess he's on Instagram, smiled and said "Hello there" my god that voice killed me. "Hi" I couldn't help but do a first grade giggle and smile like an idiot. "Are you a fan of ours?" he chuckled. "Yeah you could say that" I still couldn't wipe that idiot smile off my face. "Why don't you do me the favor of telling me your name" he said to me. "I um, my names Raelynn" I managed to stutter out. "It's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl" did Harry Styles just  call me beautiful? I had to contain myself from fangirling right on the spot "Um thanks" this might not have been a wasteful trip I thought to myself. "So Raelynn, you have an American accent, what are you doing in London?"  I was getting ready to answer him until I heard my mom clear her throat in my direction signaling our food was there. "I have to go sorry, but it was really great meeting you" I reluctantly got up and starting to walk away before he said "Wait Raelynn can I get your number?" This day just keeps getting better and better "Yeah it's.." I gave him my number , smiled then went back to eat my breakfast. We finished up after many glances were taken between me and Harry. We were walking out the door when my phone vibrated telling me I had a message. I looked at the screen to see a text saying "Hey it's Harry x" I couldn't reply since we were now at the furniture store that was only across the street from where we ate. After 3 arguments and many tantrums from Brent we were finally done. The people from the store were going to deliver our stuff in about 2 hours. In that time we went to a paint shop and got all the paint we needed. I chose a pale blue for my room and mint green for my bathroom. After the paint store we headed to get groceries. When we got home it was about time for our furniture to arrive. I heard a knock on the door as I opened it to the shop people. They came in my stuff first. I had gotten a white dresser/vanity, and a matching TV stand. They put it down where I told them too then I starting taping it to start painting. About 3 hours later our apartment was looking pretty well and almost completely done. I went to my room and sat on my bed that was in the middle of my room so my paint could dry. I decided I would text Harry before going on a walk. To: Harry 
    'Hey, sorry I haven't replied sooner I've been shopping and getting everything ready today' 
    Who knew that sending one text could make someone so nervous?  My heart was still in my throat and my stomach still had butterflies that went wild when I saw he replied.  
From: Harry
    'Its alright love, so what do you say I take you out to dinner and get to know you better?' 
Wow my god this just gets better. 
To: Harry
    'Sure that sounds great, when and where?'
From: Harry
    'Just send me your address and I'll pick you up there tomorrow at noon, sound alright?'
To: Harry
     'Sounds great(: my address is..' I told him my address before slipping my shoes back on and going for a walk exploring the new place I'll call my home. Maybe for quite a while.

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