With what's left.

A girl, Lucy, 18
On her own, Upset, Injured
Dying. And she knows it.
She gets to grant one last wish, but it may or may not get granted.
And she risks, asking to meet One Direction.
It get Granted
Niall is reluctant to meet a dying girl..
Soon Niall is reluctant of letting her go...
But deep in all of their hearts, they know
That this is a friendship that can't last for ever.

(Hey, I know this is a rubbish blurb but PLZZ read!:))


2. Chapter Two

Niall's P.O.V.

I was in a plane, on my way to the States, Simon said that we have to meet this dying girl, so, yeah, I'm not that good, with dying stuff, so I'm, not looking forward to it!

"Come on Nialler, we are gonna make a girls dream come true, be cheery" Louis says with a huge grin on his face.

"yeah, cheery, be cheery when we are gonna meet a dying girl, How fun!" I said sarcastically 

"I tried, lads, I tried" Lou said directing to the others,

I sighed and stared at the window, death and sickness is not my thing, I was crying for about a week after my pet goldfish Sammy died, but deep in my heart, I was kinda determined to make this girls last dream come true...


                                              3 days later.

We were standing outside the door, I was shivering, so much that the others noticed

"Look Ni, its just for one day, please" Lou said encouragingly

"Just for one day." I said copying his words.

They all nodded and coursed 

'Just for one day"

Louis steeped forward, and rang the doorbell, 

"Here goes" I murmured.

The door flew, open, and there stood, a young girl, about my age, a smile beaming across here lips, she had lovely long brown hair, with sparkling green eyes, she stood there, spending about 5 seconds staring at us, when she got to me, she stared for the longest, I gave her a friendly smile,

Is this girl Lucia, she doesn't look ill?

"Hey, erm, come in, I got food" She said in a lush american accent.

But as soon as we heard food, we all rushed in past, when we looking in their kitchen, there were like millions of millions of sandwiches, I started stuffing my face with them.

Luce's P.O.V.

"Boys will be Boys" I murmered 


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