No More Tears

No More Tears is a story about a girl who has put up with to much in get life. She has the confidence everyday to be brave until they get on her last nerve. But luckily for her, she has her mum to help her out. But will that stop her?


3. One Step To Far

But they took it one step to far one time. I was in English and we were watching a film as a treat for being good. There was 2 of Leah's friends sat behind me with Leah. The 2 girls where tapping my shoulder all the way through the film. After a few times i gave up and stood up. I shouted 'Do you mind?!'. They soon stopped, but not for long. About ten minuets after, they got some scissors and started to cut my hair. I didn't know they did it until I itched my head later on in the film and saw my hair come out. I was furious but knew I was defenceless and couldn't do anything. When the day finished I went home. I ran straight up to my room, threw my bag across the room on the floor and lay on my belly on my bed with my head dug in my pillow. I cried and sobbed all night. My mum herd me and came up stairs. She sat on the end of my bed and then I sat up next to her. She wiped my tears and said, 'what's the matter my little butterfly?' I told her everything that happened today, the verbal and physical abuse. She said, 'stop crying and wasting you life. Don't let what they say keep you up at night.' So I lay back down and went to sleep. My mum kissed me and said, 'spread your wings my little butterfly, don't let them bullies stop you.'
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