No More Tears

No More Tears is a story about a girl who has put up with to much in get life. She has the confidence everyday to be brave until they get on her last nerve. But luckily for her, she has her mum to help her out. But will that stop her?


5. Bulimia

I stood up and took my top off so I only had my bra on of the top of my body. I went over to the mirror and looked at my body in it. Fat, fat, fat. That is what was going through my mind at the time. Is i could see was fat. When I i was really skinny, but its just a shame I couldn't see that then. I starved myself and I ate I would force myself to be sick because I felt guilty and that I might get fatter. This is known as bulimia. I couldn't see it then, but I do now. A week went by with the bullying still going on and me damaging my body. I had a dream, I saw myself in twenty years time, I wasn't here anymore, I damaged my body so much I died. This was my wake up call. I saw what I was doing to my body, so that morning I woke up and swore this had to stop! I wasn't going to let them bully me no more because its making me ruin my life, so I am putting an end to it.
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