No More Tears

No More Tears is a story about a girl who has put up with to much in get life. She has the confidence everyday to be brave until they get on her last nerve. But luckily for her, she has her mum to help her out. But will that stop her?


4. Being Called Fat

I woke up the next morning, feeling as fresh as a daisy like nothing can ruin my mood. I got out of bed and got a showing, got my school cloths on and put on the make-up. I'm not going to let them bullies ruin my life. I got a lift to school from my mum and she said, 'remember to spread your wings baby girl, don't let them bring you down.' Then she kissed my forehead and hugged me goodbye. I got into school and the day went smoothly and swiftly... Until 4th period. A lesson with the 'popular' people. That lesson went on for EVER! They did everything all over again, verbal and physical abuse. After the lesson was over I walk into the corridor and went over to my locker. They came over, the bullies. It was Leah and get 2 'mates'. They came over, called me fat, called me a umpa lumpa because I was wearing foundation. I mean, they wear ten times as much as me and they have the cheek to call me a umpa lumpa! Anyway, what could I do? I could only stand there and do nothing. Then walked away and pushed me against the lover and I fell. Leah just walked passed without making any eye contact, such a 'friend' she was. I couldn't believe she did that! The day went on getting longer and longer. But the only thing that was on my mind was that the bullies called me fat. I couldn't get them calling me fat our of my head. It was like it was a broken record and it keeps on replaying. At the end of the day I called my mum telling her I don't want a lift, purely I knew she would ask me how it went. I couldn't bare to talk about it right now. I got home and ran up stairs again. I threw my bag over the other side of the room again and lay on my bed. I sobbed and cried again.
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