I can't even explain it just read it


1. dear boy I'm madly in love with

 sitting in my room listening to you belong with me by Taylor Swift makes me realize thats exactly how i feel i cant wait until you realize what you've been searching for has been here the whole time you dont know that i care when you was about to go do something stupid i was there to tell you its not worth it when you were sad i put that smile on your face when you were mad i calmed you down not because i like you because when you are hurt I'm hurt yet you still go after the girl who makes you mad not the girl who cares why i must ask myself am i not good enough sitting in the back of the class watching you and her kiss broke my heart watching you and her walk down the hall hand in hand made me furious but i kept it all in me why? because you looked happy and if you are happy with her then I have no right to stop you to even if i know deep down inside i'm going crazy with confusion like one minute i want to kiss you the next minute i want to run away so i wont be in pain anymore but half the time im hiding from reality. reality is that im crazy to think that a girl like me will ever be able to be with a boy like you but the thing is we are not complete oppisites we both have that i dont give a fuck say whatevers on my mind attitude we both have a big family we both have the same favorite tv shows yet you still pick her over someone you can be yourself with you know i dont care about what you look like what you wear i like that personality of yours people say its fucked up but i think its funny how teachers are intimadated by you i think its funny how you blurt out random things and brave how you are not afraid to say whats on your mind and how you like to talk about the teachers to me but you know what i hate how i have to pretend that i only like you as a best friend when we all know thats not true i would do anything for you and this is not healthy for me I'm 13 for crying out loud i shouldnt be worried about you i should be worried about stupid little things not me in love my best friend and the craziest thing is how everyone else could see that i like you but you even my mom can see that I like you she said she can see it in my eyes but why cant you i went through a lot figuring out that i like you i had to think about what i like about you here's what i came up with i like how when i think about you i cant help but smile i like how i cant stay mad at you for long i like how when you want something you are really determined to get it like like how you laugh i like how you say random things i like how when you make me laugh i still wear that smile after the joke is over and everyone else is done laughing but what i like about you most is no matter what you do you still have a place in my heart

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