"I love him what's wrong with that?"
Julie has never had a boyfriend, and is all ready 16! Everyone else has had a chance to love but why not her? Until she does find someone, but is he right? Is it wrong? To think of him this way, in this mind-set...
Find out in: Twisted


2. Mystery Texts

Picking myself up, I traipsed back over the hall to my History class. I decided to just make up some excuse about being at Matron's. I hauled up my bag and walked over to the door. Mr Harris looked up: "Julie! I mean... Miss Manners. Where have you been?" Shrugging I took a seat at the back, mumbling something about being at reception. "OK, anyway so the Battle Of Hastings was fought in..." Resting my head in my hands, I allowed myself to trail in thought. I twisted a wisp of curled red hair around my finger, watching Sir from a distance. Brown hair and blue eyes were all I saw as he moved around the class room, in further explanation. When the bell went, I rose to my feet. "Miss Manners, can you pick up the books?" I nodded and went about my task. Putting a pile of glossy text books down on the desk, as he looked me in the eye.

"Are you OK, Miss Manners?" I frown.

"Yes, Sir. Why?"

"It's just you've been acting strange all lesson." He reached out his hand and touched my arm. 

"Because, if you need anyone to talk to, I'll all ways be here if you need me." His blue eyes sink into mine and I feel fluttery. Realising what I'm doing, I flinch away and nod again. "I'm fine, Sir."

"Please, you can call me, David."

"Thank you..." I moved over to the door, going to my next class. I didn't realise that my History teacher could be so kind in real life. I shrugged I guess you can judge people wrong by how they look and act.

When I got home after school, I heard a pling and pick out my phone. "Probably, Laura begging for my forgiveness" I thought and checked my messages. '1 text from unknown number' it read on the display, the message read: Hey, do u wanna talk? :)

I frowned. Who could this person be? 'Maybe it was a wrong number', I thought. And texted back: Who is this? And how did u get my number?

That's 4 me 2 know and u 2 find out

I read it over and over: For me to know and you to find out. What did that mean? Shrugging, I put my phone away. Who was this person? And what did they want with my life?


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