"I love him what's wrong with that?"
Julie has never had a boyfriend, and is all ready 16! Everyone else has had a chance to love but why not her? Until she does find someone, but is he right? Is it wrong? To think of him this way, in this mind-set...
Find out in: Twisted


1. Curl Up and Die

"How could you, Laura?" I shouted at her across the hall. 

"Julie, he's my boyfriend!  I can't just say no like that. I'm sorry I double booked, but I'm going."

I glared at her. "Fine! Be like that! It's not like I have someone to go out with and love. It's not like there's anyone who cares about me at all! Just go..." I slump down onto the floor in defeat, a tear falling to the ground. Laura softened and came over. "Hey, don't cry like that. I'll cancel with Joe if that's what you want..." 

"No! No, Laura. Just go, I don't mind." 

"But, I do..."

"I don't bloody care! Go!" She stood up, abruptly and nodded. 

"Yeah, ok. I understand you need a night to yourself..." She picked up her bag, her gaze following mine in sympathy and went. Sighing, I bit my lip in shame as the bell went, invading my thoughts. How could she? Plan to go out with Joe the same night as we had arranged a sleepover! Cheat. Leaning against my locker, I thought about all the times everyone had chosen boys over me, their friend. Sharon had been the first. In year 5, she was going to come around my house for tea after school. But, had been occupied with Louis Stevens, the class hottie, behind the shed while I had to eat fish-fingers on my own that evening. 

Mum had comforted me, and assured me that it would never happen again and that only real friends kept their promises. I forced myself to believe this, that Sharon wasn't my real friend and that I should find someone else to be my best-friend! But, the same thing happened over and over again. Lucy in year 8 went to the cinema with Dan, while she was supposed to come shopping with me, Anna in year 10 ditched me in the mall when she spotted Harry in Super Drug, leaving without me. And, now this! I'm all ready 16 and have never had a boyfriend in my entire life. Is it what I wear, how I act... or do they just hate me for no apparent reason. Do I just repel everyone around me? There's no one I like and no one who likes me. I'm a loner and all ways will be. Burying my face in my hands, I want to curl up and die!

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