not any bitch

"i like you . I like . you . I'll admit it you're annoying as fuck , you don't stop bitching at all . sometimes you agitate me to the brink of insanity , But when you laugh , i want to laugh . when you smile , i wish that I'm the one who made you smile !" he spoke

1D fanfic


9. chapter 9

Barbara P.O.V:

we rushed to the hospital . blood was everywhere , what happened to them ? was it that guy Max? was it all my fault ? could they die ? i went to where Louis sat and hugged him . he started crying on my shoulder . 

  "stay strong . its ok" i spoke 

  "stop crying , your making me cry" he spoke 

   "ok , ok . but promise me you won't do something stupid" i spoke back . 

   "sure" we whipped our tears and sat next to each other he laid his head on my shoulder ,

     "do you think they will die?" asked Louis , in my head it was yes .

      "no , no ." i told him we waited and waited i felt Louis heart beat . as nurse came we hoped for the best . 

   "we tried our best and thank god they are all good , but we will keep them for a few days here" she spoke . i hugged Louis with a big smile knowing they are all right . 

  "could we see them ?" louis spoke with the biggest smile i saw in my life . 

  "yes room 138 and 140 ."

  "thank you" we said as we ran to the first room . 

  "you go to 138 and i will go to 140" Louis spoke , i nodded . i opened the door to see Harry he smiled , i jumped next to him and hugged him he laughed . 

   "i thought i would never see you again" i spoke 

   "you know i would never leave you" Harry spoke .

   "i never knew that" i giggled 

   "well now you know" he smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheeks with his soft lovely lips . 

  "well i need to go so Louis could come and i could go to Niall" i gave him a kiss on the cheeks and went to see Louis in the hallway he had a bit of sad face on when he saw me he faked smile and walked to harry's room as i opened the door for Niall's room to see him a bit worried and sad as he saw me he smiled big , i smiled back and went to sit on his bed , i hugged him .

   "are you ok?" i asked 

   "yeah , I am all good as you can see" he spoke 

   "for real?" i asked Niall 

  "for real my American friend" he laughed , i giggled . 

   "well my Irish princes charming  you are the best" i spoke 

  "thank you my queen" he giggled , my phone rang it was zayn i smiled looking at his name .

  "who is that?" he winked playfully .

  "zayn , well I'm going to get this if that ok with you" i spoke he kinda rolled his eyes and looked a bit sad .

   "sure love " Niall spoke .

   " hello" i spoke up to the phone 

   "hey ... well its about time love" Zayn spoke i looked to the clock it was 10 . 

    "oh ,  I'm really sorry . i-i-i could not come my friends are in the hospital . i would love going out with you . you know" i spoke 

  "dear are they ok?" zayn spoke 

   "yes , thank god" i spoke 

   "could i help with anything ?" Zayn spoke 

   "no , its all good" i spoke 

   "are you sleeping there?" Zayn asked 

   "yes" i said 

  "I'm coming for company" he spoke , i smiled it was really cute from him 

   "no its ok love you don't need to" i spoke 

   "do you want a pajamas?" he asked , how cute !

   "just if your coming" i laughed

   "see you" he spoke 

   "bye" i spoke and closed my phone .


 who's P.O.V you want to see next ? as you see i have no idea . 

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