not any bitch

"i like you . I like . you . I'll admit it you're annoying as fuck , you don't stop bitching at all . sometimes you agitate me to the brink of insanity , But when you laugh , i want to laugh . when you smile , i wish that I'm the one who made you smile !" he spoke

1D fanfic


4. Chapter 4


  "hey wake up , i want food" i shacked Louis , I'm too hungry i could eat Louis , Harry and Barbara at once . why can't they make me something good ? like  beacon sandwich or some chicken and eggs or all of them mixed like a chicken and beacon sandwich cake . oh my god i want the chicken and beacon sandwich cake now ! 

  "louis , louis make me a chicken and beacon sandwich cake" i begged 

  "go away man , I'm not making you any shit" he shouted 

  "i can make it myself , its not that hard " i mumbled 

  "don't do anything , i don't want this dorm to set on fire like last time ." louis spoke yes i did burn our dorm once , but , but it was not my fault come on how knows that leaving he oven open next to some cloth will burn ? 

  "ok i will get something from Starbucks , do you want anything?" i asked 

  "no , just go away ." poor boy he wanted to sleep . i went out my room to smell some really good smell was it pancakes ? i went running down to the kitchen , it was harry cooking with a big smile on his face . 

  "good morning my best mate" he came and hugged me , what was up with him ? i don't know , but i like it he was happy for the first time from a long time !  

  "what are you cooking ?" i said while bitting my lips from the beautiful smell 

   "thats my mate always thinking of food" he said with a giggle he was too happy . he never been happy like this in all of his life . i felt happy for him i wanted to hug him .

   "give me an another hug man" i said while opening my arms , he gave me another hug and he smiled big , I'm living the day i thought i never will live. the day i see him back to his old self . 

   "i just had the best dream in my life it was amazing . it was like a movie she she was so beautiful as her soft lips came close to mine" he told me while smiling goofily 

  "my little Harry is in love ? who is the lucky girl do i know her?" i asked with the biggest smile i had this year . I'm not just living the day of his happiness , but the day his is in love ! 

   "she is the one and only --" he  cited his words when he saw Barbara then spoke "hello , pretty face" with a bigger smile . 

  "hello gentlemen" she smiled back  . 

    "whats up with the good moods today ?" i winked to them 

    "i just told you"Harry spoke , Barbara hits Harry's arm playfully he blushes bright pink ! 

    "i think breakfast is ready" Harry spoke as he brought chocolate chip heart  shaped pancakes . i never known he can cook , it tasted so good ! i took seven other pancakes ! 

  "Harry this is soooo good!" Barbara spoke 

  "yes i never tasted something as good as this" i spoke 

  "thank you ! this is just half the surprise . where is boo bear ?" he spoke up last time he said boo bear was at kindergarden or something , l really have to know that girl who changed his look of life ! 

  "still sleeping , well we need to get ready are you done with your songs ?" i asked 

  "yes , it will be the best thing you ever seen!" harry spoke 

  "is it about that girl?" i smirked 

  "maybe , you will just need to wait" he laughed 

   "and you Barbara ?" i asked her 

   "i wrote what i felt , thats all , you ?" she asked 

    "a song that i just felt like writing , its very dumb" i mumbled , yes it was dumb but who cares ? i need the voice and that is all .


 walking in the hallway                                                                                                                                




as Barbara  and i walked to the music club , came Max the fucked up boy ; he did drugs and he thinks every girls want him or something . he winked at Barbara and slapped her ass; what the fuck was he thinking , i looked at him with a nasty look i was about to kick him in the face  . the look on her face was priceless as he was walking she shouted.

  "hey mother fucker what did you just do?" as everyone looked at her . 

   "it was calling me" he winked i think he did not get it . i just looked at him about to kill him.

   "oh my , I'm sorry .I did not get that. I don't speak idiot." she spoke as she went and punched him on the face , then kicked his balls with heels ; that must hurt. then all of a sudden Harry came and done the worst thing he could ever do he took the guy by the neck and lifted him of the floor to wall and did the worst thing if Barbara did not stop him Max could of been dead he fell on the floor . he steeped on his face  .

  "if i saw you near her again i will kill you understand?" he spoke and kicked him one more time . people we're taking videos and pictures almost all the student we're there . louis ,  and that so called zayn came running . 

   "you ok ?" Zayn hugged Barbara. 

   "clam your tits , you should ask that so called 'man' if he was ok." Harry said as she looked at Max with a nasty look . 

  "you fine did he do any thing??" spoke Louis . 

   "fine" she said as she ignored us and went to the class. 

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