not any bitch

"i like you . I like . you . I'll admit it you're annoying as fuck , you don't stop bitching at all . sometimes you agitate me to the brink of insanity , But when you laugh , i want to laugh . when you smile , i wish that I'm the one who made you smile !" he spoke

1D fanfic


3. chapter 3


  Louis P.O.V:

 ehh Harry where was he ?Niall and I looked around for him  , but no luck . Harry was my friend from kindergarden . he always tries to act strong , but he never was . he is very rude to every one thinking they will go away from him . yes they all do ... but Niall and i we stayed maybe someday he will start new ? he will lose the numbness and live a happy life finds his love and have a family or maybe he will stay like this for ever and goes in his father steps ...

   "i think i found him" Niall whispered for some reason , i went closer to him he was near the cleaners storage , i heard someone weeping as Niall opened the door to see harry on the floor with his hands covering his face , he looked at us then wiped his tears . 

 "what are you doing here?" he asked hoping we did not notice him crying .

 "Harry are you ok? why are you crying did anything happened?" Niall said as we sat next to him . 

  "nothing" he said then stood up and give then added come on "well you two need to go to the class , I will go back to our room" he fake smiled and went running . 


  "do you think he will be ok ?" i asked Niall . 

   "yeah  i think"he said un sure . we just sat thinking what was up with him . we then went to our classes after i finished i met up with Niall and we went to our room . we had the biggest room in all of this college ; our dads could do anything , well if you did not notice yet we are from the upper class . Niall's dad is a politician , Harry's dad is the world well known ferrari owner and mine is the famous  writer he wrote Peter pan , ben10, Iron man and we can't forget snow white .


i entered our 3 floor dorm and went to Harry's room to see him playing the piano and writing a song or something . I heard a knock on the door . I  opened the door to see the headmaster with Barbara , why is she with the head master ? why is she here ? Niall came next to me confusedly . 

  "may we help you?" Niall spoke as Harry came from his room . 

  "this is Barbara Bentley daughter Ron Bentley the owner of the Bentley company , your new room mate" the head master spoke what could i be more shocked at she is our room mate or that her dad is the enemy for Harry and his dad ... Harry was biting his lips nervously with a red face , but that was not anger . she stepped inside and took her bags from the head master and thanked him . we had no more rooms so one of us should share his room with her and the surprise is Niall and i have the same room ; Niall is redoing his room so he needed a place to sleep in .

  "could .. you give ... me your ..bags" Harry spoke , that was not him come on he should shout to the head master saying no way i will call my dad and make him close this fucking college . 

  "Thank you , i thought no one will ask . but i could help my self " she mumbled with a fake smile then added "where is my room?" 

  "come i will show you" harry said and gave her a hand , but she did not take it . was he ok he wanted to hold her hand . what the hell ? is that the Harry i know ? 


what do you think of the story ?  do you think i need to make Barbara more of a bitch ? team who ;o? Harry or Zayn ?

   Thank you for reading love you all , have a good day!

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