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Justin and Selena are both famous. They both have to stay in the news so their managers told them to get a couple just for the publicity. In their privacy they can be who they want as long as they keep it private. Both grow up and Justin starts hooking up with hot girls. Selena gets hurt even if they aren't real together but she fell a bit for him. She goes to a lot of pain but what will happen? Will she "break up" with him or is he feeling the same for her? Can she turn him into good? You'll see ;)


1. 1.

Selena's POV -- I'm just 16 an already very famous. I act and sing a lot. Now mine and Justin Bieber's -yes you read right..Justin Bieber, THE Justin Bieber!!- manager talked and agreed to keep our images in the good so we have to pretend to be a couple. On the one hand I liked the thought of being Justin Biebers girlfriend but on the other I have to date a boy I don't love. I can't date who I want anymore and have to follow all the rules our manager did.
Justin's POV -- In just two weeks I will turn 17. I actually wanted to have a big party but Scooter told me to spent the time with Selena. Selena is my well yeah.. Girlfriend. At least we pretend she would be. She's very sweet but now I have to follow these damn rules from our managers and can't even go out with a girl I like. It all has advantages but also disadvantages. We are just "together for three month now but it's not officially confirmed. It should look like we would just pretend it so we took it slow. But in a few days we have to go to the Vanity party together. Even on the red carpet. I hope it will get good and we will act well. In some minutes I have to pick Sel up from the studio. Soon her new single will come out. I have already heard it and its so amazing. I'm really proud of Selena but the worst thing is our behavior when we are with each other. There is always such a tenseness. I hate it cuz we used to be like best friends til our manager made that deal. I hope we will get better soon.

Selenas POV -- The song is finally done. We finished recording earlier but we had to give it the last push. Now it really sounds good and even I like it. I actually don't like my work as much as others cuz I always think I could do better. But now I shouldn't think on the work but in the privacy. Or let's say the thing between privacy and career. Justin should be here in some minutes. I grabbed my purse and waited in front of the door. Finally I saw his car coming towards me. As I got in I noticed some paparazzi a bit away. "Hey." Justin said giving me a smile "Hey. Looks like new press." "Um yeah. We'll see." He started driving without looking on me the whole drive. We arrived at Justin's and got out of the car. "You wanna go right in the backyard or first inside?" "First inside?!" "Okay then come." He unlocked the door and we got in. The house was pretty nice. He still lives with his mom like me cuz we both are underaged. "It's pretty hot outside, isn't it?" "Yeah." It's weird between us like always. I really hate that. "Wanna go swimming?" "Sure, why not." I replied. "Do you have a bikini with you?" "Oh no. Sorry I forgot that." "Don't worry. Come with me. We'll look if my mom has some who gut you." "Is that okay for her?" "Sure. She likes you." "Oh okay." We went up to Patties room and Justin opened the closet. He put out about twenty bikinis. Then he hold one on his chest which looked pretty funny. "Do you think it fits me?" I couldn't help it but laugh. The bikini wasn't the prettiest and Justin is such a dork. But I love that he can always make me laugh. I guess this is the first time he did since we are together but the years before he always did. "I think I'll give you a better one" he said winking. I still laughed even when he showed me a very beautiful one. "Yes. I'll take that one." "You will look beautiful. But why do you still laugh? It wasn't that funny“

Justin's POV -- Selena kept giggling. I was confused if it was faked or real but I loved it. Her laugh is adorable. When he laughs you have to laugh too cuz it's so amazing. She took the bikini "Won't you change too?" "Oh yeah sure." I said coming out if my thoughts. I went up to my room looking for a swimming trunk which fit to Selena's bikini. Finally I found one which I put on quickly. I took two towels and knocked on my moms door where Sel was in. She came out in her bikini and I couldn't help it but check her out. Wow. She has such an amazing body. I can really be happy to call her my girlfriend even if I'm actually not. She noticed me staring so she blushed. That was one of the cutest things I've ever seen on a girl. "Shall we." "Yep" she admit. We went downstairs when I recognized Scooter. "Yo man. What's up?" I said giving him a man hug. "Hey guys. Good that you both are here. Um we decided that you should have a date in the public. You only get seen by some random paparazzi. You hide as much as you can so that the world thinks you wanna hide your love. Okay?" I notice Selena sighing. "What's up?" I whispered in her ear. "I just thought we could have some fun like we used to." She told me looking sad. "No it's not. Please, Scooter. Let us have our free time for free. We can do there what we want as long as we keep it private, right? Well now we have privacy and we can also spent time together without any faking. We also want to have some fun not only pretending it, got it?" "Oh okay. But then another time." "Sure." "Okay. Bye guys. Have fun." He said going out. Selena was still looking down. "Thanks" she gave me a little smile. "Now fun time?" "Yess" "Then leggo"

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