One Direction at Forty Thousand Feet

One Direction fanfic.
Ever wondered what would happen if the boys of one direction got their hands on movellas?
Well here is a short fanfiction telling you just that.


10. Zayn's Mistake

Mercury's POV

I laughed as Holly stared daggers at Zayne, he really was stupid, as soon as she turned around he started peeking again.

'I'll gladly explain, lately your 'fans' have been asking for proper critique on there Movellas.' I paused. The entire group recoiled at the word "fans".

'As there spelling and grammar is becoming revolting, they get angry when we say bad stuff about their Movellas, they get legions of their fellow uneducated behind them and they proceed to crush the person who gave them bad critique.' I explained.

'So what, that's only natural.' Curly answered.

'Too you, it may not seem like a bad thing, but amazing authors are leaving Movellas because of it. And when we complain about the fan fics, the bad spelling and grammar and the general rudeness, we get things like "It's just our way of showing our devotion to our idols" or "It was autocorrect" or "My keyboard is small" and even the occasional "shut the f up, I didn't ask for your opinion". It is getting out of hand.' I explained.

'That's all well and good, but how do you propose we deal with all this?' Payne asked.

I glanced at Mina and Holly, they nodded and I said, 'I propose that you create a video telling people to stop posting these sort of things on Movellas, I'll then post it on Movellas, under a directioner account and say it’s a message from one direction for all of them. Every three days, I'll post it again until were satisfied with the results.

Zayne moved closer too Holly and I saw him move his hand up her ass. Holly froze, then slowly swivelled her head to meet the dumb asses eyes. His attempts at a seductive look was bouncing harmlessly off a severely pissed Holly. 'What did I say.' She whispered.

'You said, no looking, so I didn't I touched instead.' He replied.

He is going too get it now, what a dumb ass.

Holly launched herself off of her seat and she crash tackled flammable to the ground.

'You want to do it here?' He said cheekily.

'Did anybody record those famous last words?' I asked. Mina just laughed.

Holly drew her fist up and slammed it right into his nose. Blood spurted from his nose, he pulled his hands up too his face but brushed up against Holly's 'chest' in the process. The look she gave him would have made a pro wrestler shit himself.

She didn't punch him again, she stood up, careful to stand on his groin as she did so. He sat up suddenly in pain then fell back down again. Holly reached for the fire extinguisher and aimed it at the idiots groin. She let it loose full pelt, it collided with a smack, and just a quickly as it started it ended. A short burst, painful. I winced at the pain he was probably going through.

'Next time make that your body coming at my (p word) that fast.' Zayne groaned.

'Aren't we feeling stupid today.' Blondie said.

Holly calmly walked up to Zayne who was stilll spread out along the ground, his arms laying by his side. Holly lifted the heavy fire-extinguisher and dropped it on his groin. I winced again.

'Why do you only attack his balls?' Payne asked.

'Because I know that's the most sensitive area on a boy.' Holly replied. Her face was calm but her eyes gleamed with malice. Somebody was going to die, I just hoped it wouldn't be me. Payne edged away from her slowly, the other members did as well.

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