One Direction at Forty Thousand Feet

One Direction fanfic.
Ever wondered what would happen if the boys of one direction got their hands on movellas?
Well here is a short fanfiction telling you just that.


12. They Will Never Learn

Holly's POV

This close! I was this close to putting his lights out! How dare that pervert touch me! He has a girlfriend!

Ah well, at least I taught him a lesson. Hopefully the twat won't be able to reproduce now, thanks to my deep-freeze treatment. He isn't half cocky though, and for his last comment...I swear, if I didn't want to spend the next twenty-five years of my life in Holloway, I would put his lights out for good.

At least my burst of psychopathy had a few benefits. Tons of ideas for Deception were now running through my head; most of them involving deep-freezing anyone who tried to get in the way of the Movellians.

With my laptop showing my account, I went to click the 'Edit' button for Codename: Deception, when a tiny jolt of turbulence shook me, and I ended up clicking on a chapter-update for some movella called 'Two Kinds Of Love - Adopted by 1D'.

These new 'Adopted by 1D' fanfictions had been cropping up recently, all with almost exactly the same plotline: an unrealistically perfect girl is taken from a care home by One Direction, and is adopted by them, before falling in love with one of her new 'fathers'.

This gave me a good idea.

"How old would you ideally be when you have your first child?" I asked, pretending to simply be curious. I know the average age is around thirty these days, and they're somewhere between eighteen and twenty-one, so it would probably be quite a while.

" depends. Not for a good few years." Blondie replied next to me. Curls, Pigeon-Boy, and Spoon-O-Phobe had very similar replies...but naturally Pervert had to push his luck.

"Well that depends on if you're on the Pill or not." He replied, staring right at my chest as he said it. Scowling, I simply put two fingers up at him, wishing that airport security would let me bring a penknife on board. Oh the fun I could have.

"So having a child, or adopting one now would be out of the question then?" I pressed on further, scanning through the swarm of poor grammar and atrocious spelling that was supposed to be 'Two Kinds Of Love'. In this one, the unrealistically-perfect girl turned fourteen with her new 'fathers', and there was a chapter for her birthday.

"Well yeah. I mean, the oldest of us is twenty-one, so none of us are exactly ready for taking on responsibilities like that." Stripes replied, as I continued reading. According to this, one of her 'dads' was saving a particular birthday present for her. I couldn't clearly work out which one it was, as the writer said that one minute it was Louis, then Harry, then Niall, then Pervert who had better quit staring if he wants to keep his eyes, and finally Liam.

"Oh. It's just your fans seem to think you'd make great fathers to teenage daughters. There's a current trend for fan fictions where you jointly adopt a teenage girl from a care ho-Oh my God!"

The last part slipped out accidentally, but after reading...reading...that, I had a right. There was a reason why the author kept switching between all five; all five were involved in this girl's 'last gift of the day'. that incest? I know it's definitely paedophilia, but is it incest too?

"What's up?" Mercury asked, reading those particularly foul chapters over my shoulder. His reflection in the screen showed he'd gone very pale, and was reading in wide-eyed horror. I don't blame him, as the author must be purely messed up!

"That's why we have a problem with 'Adopted by One Direction' fanfics." I weakly replied, handing Niall my laptop. The thoughts of it were still going through my head, bad grammar and all, with all the terrible details described very graphically.

I couldn't take it. I thought I had a stronger stomach than this, but clearly I was wrong. Almost unnaturally quickly, I got out of my seat, making a very rapid dash for the bathroom. That was too much! Far too much!

I'd barely locked the door behind me, when the retching started. Sore and painful, the convulsions threw me down onto my knees, as the imagery in that chapter went through my head. Forget kidnap-fics, rape-fics, porn-fics, or faux-gay-fics. Those adopted-fics were definitely the worst of the lot. Incest, paedophilia, and in some cases rape!

My stomach gave a particularly painful lurch at that point, almost like it agreed with me. Those stories...they simply had to be deleted!

Thankfully, the retching ended soon after. Ugh, never again. The back of my throat felt like sandpaper, my knees had decided they were actually severely-overcooked noodles, and my skull felt like it was lined with lead. Not to mention the thought of having to face Pervert out there again.

At least I could faintly hear the One Direction boys reacting to that piece of trash. It gave me a little hope, hearing them condemn it.

"What the fuck is wrong with these people! I...that's just every shade of wrong there ever could be." One of them said. Which one, I dunno, but at least it showed one of them had sense.

"I swear, I would rather kill myself than even consider doing that to a child."

Another one with sense. Which one exactly, I dunno, but whoever it was had the right attitude.

"How could they even consider...what I know why she ran out." A third one said. Judging by the accent, I think it was Niall. "Do you think she's ok?" He added a few seconds later.

"I'll go check on her." Pervert's voice called out, as my heart began to race. I'm not gonna be stuck in a small space with some jackass who just can't understand that no means no. Plus the fact I'm stuck on the icy tiles, as my knees are too weak to hold me up, involves a recipe for trouble.

"No you won't, I will." Niall's deep Irish accent replied, causing my fear to vanish. He seemed to be the ok one of the five, even if he reeked of that perfume. I suppose I can trust him...I guess.

"You ok in there?" Niall asked, knocking lightly on the door. Shaking I managed to grip a towel rail, and use it to pull myself to my feet. Slower than usual, I slid back the lock, and let the door swing open.

"Jesus, are you ok?" He gasped, before I could tell him to leave me alone. I've had worse than this before, so I don't see why he's making such a fuss.

"Go away." I snapped, my voice weak and cracked. Just because he's the nice one, doesn't mean I want him anywhere near me. Especially as he reeks of that month-old-chewing-gum perfume of his.

He didn't listen though, and instead got me around the waist. At that point, the temptation to black out his eyes was through the roof, but thanks to my nausea, I knew there was no point.

"Here, lean on me. I just can't believe someone would ever say we'd do that to a child!" He exclaimed, holding me firmly onto him. Up close, the smell of that perfume was nauseating, and I was considering breaking a few of his bones.

"Let me go!" I snapped. Surprisingly, he...did he actually do as I said? What the? Furthermore, he let me go, and guided me to lean against the sink, so I didn't collapse.

"Sorry, I're doing a lot to beat back those 'fans' of ours. I want to make sure you're ok. Don't worry, I'm not like Zayn."

It still creeped me out though. Being stuck in such a confined space with him. Though he insisted he wasn't like the Flammable Pervert out there, some little part of me didn't believe him.

"I'm ok now, it's ok. I'm going back now anyway." I hastily replied, trying to slip away. That was when I noticed the bolt had been slid back, and Niall had gripped the sink either side of me.

I knew the warning signs were there, but did I notice them? No! Jesus, I'm supposed to be making Agent Hollywood proud, not screwing up!

"Not yet, babe." He whispered in what was supposed to be a seductive voice, but sounded more like a threat. "Have you ever joined the Mile High Club?" He asked, pressing himself far too close to me.

"No and I'm not planning to. Let me go!" I snapped, adding the last part in my most terrifying voice: The Scalpel. It could slice you open and leave you bleeding.

Niall glared at me then, with the unmistakeable dark tints of lust in his eyes. "Don't worry, I'm not like Zayn. I'll be gentle."

Famous last words right there. Plus, if the creator of 'A Thousand Ways To Die' is listening, you might want to add way number one-thousand-and-one to the list: forcibly kissing me whilst pinning me to an aeroplane sink.

Ah well, Leprechaun here learned that the hard way. The second he forced his lips onto mine, my knee jerked up and hit him right in the crotch, causing him to stagger backwards. The fact I took the chance to bite down on his tongue at the same time gave me a couple of extra bonus points.

As expected, he winced in pain, clutching his crotch, as I took the chance to kick him at full strength in the shins. A sickening crack came from where my foot had struck him, as he staggered backwards, smashed the back of his head into the towel rail, and crashed to the floor with a surprisingly loud smack.

And that is why people are scared of me.

Pausing to dust myself off and to aim a particularly strong kick at his crotch, I left the bathroom, and went back to my seat, uncontrollably smiling like a Cheshire cat at my victory.

"Well you were gone for a while." Mina remarked, as I sat down in my seat, and rested my laptop on my lap.

"Yeah, something came up." I replied, unable to stop myself from laughing slightly. Both Mina and Mercury appeared slightly concerned by my reaction, though the four remaining One Direction members looked downright terrified.

"Oh, and somebody might want to check on Niall. The jackass came onto me, so I knocked him out."

"Stud." Zayn hissed, before hastily shutting up. He could easily be next, and he knew it.

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