One Direction at Forty Thousand Feet

One Direction fanfic.
Ever wondered what would happen if the boys of one direction got their hands on movellas?
Well here is a short fanfiction telling you just that.


9. The Rebellion Army

Mina’s POV

            Just then, the airhostess came in, announcing that dinner would be served in ten minutes. She left after staring at the boys a little bit, and giving me and Holly a death glare. I think she gave Mercury one, but I can’t be sure.

            “Look, could we stop talking about this stuff for a while?” Curly asked. “It’s just, I’ve thrown up what feels like a week’s worth of food. I need to eat without the urge to puke.”

            “I second that,” said Lives-for-Hairgel (Zayne), “I need to get thoughts of Perrie and Curl-Harry out of my head.”

            “Don’t worry,” I said. “I wanted to talk about the anti-fanfics. There’s nothing really puke-inducing in there.”

            Holly smirked at that, knowing I was lying through my teeth. I would have to go out of order, and I showed them Codename: Plagiarists first, since I didn’t want to freak them out at the get-go. The airhostesses came in, serving expensive food that still tasted like someone had sucked the flavor out of it. Harry was eating and reading at the same time.

            “Justin Bieber?” Harry asked. “The villain’s that guy?”

            “Just wait until you read the next one,” I said, showing him the first few chapters of Codename: Deception.

            “Wait a minute, ‘LittleMsHollywood’?” he asked. “It’s Holly?”

            "Yes, it is moi." She replied, with a slightly pinkish tinge to her cheeks. "I have a rough draft of the last chapter on me, if your stomach can handle it." She added, with a slightly evil look in her eyes.

            “I thought we already told you that,” I said.

            Mercury snorted. “Mina, girls don’t exactly crush on them for their brains. I think it’s best we talk slowly, enunciate and repeat often.”

            “What’s enunciate?” one of them asked. “Is that when people get arrested or something?”

            “No, and back to the point, this is our way of fighting back,” I said. “Good literature, where in the end people either see the light, or else you guys die.”

            “We die?” Liam asked.

       “Yes, no, it’s complicated,” I said. “Just read the books. Codename: Fanfics, which Holly co-authored with Diego<3, then Codename: Plagiarists, and finally Codename: Deception. Actually, you know, Holly I think, is the biggest and best contributor to the genre of anti-fanfiction. Read ‘Demonica’, it’s good stuff.”

            "I'm not the only one though." Holly added. I noticed she'd gone a very deep shade of red. "There are many others, of far better quality. Midnight Rogue is one of the most-famous writers of anti-fanfiction on the site. Her books, Requiescat In Pace, Memento Mori, and In Amore Et Bellum make sure you get what you deserve."

         Leprechaun winced visibly at her words, curious too - but at the same time dreading - what "you get you deserve" meant. "May I ask what happens to us?" He added, clearly nervous.

         Holly grinned evilly at his question, with a wickedly knowing spark in her eyes. "I'm not gonna spoil the endings, but lets just say, Bordello-Guard, you, the poor excuse for the Mafia boss there, and the perverted opium dealer behind me get it in Requiescat In Pace. In Memento Mori...well let's just say I hope the twin Bad Poets know either their Roman history, or can survive a Nazgul attack. Your mate, Dustbin Bieber, should never have challenged the word of our Lord either."

          Walking-Firelighter shuddered a little at her words, clearly uncomfortable, but it didn't stop him from perving down her shirt. "And in the third?" He nervously asked.

         "You get it twice, mate. In Requiescat in Pace, and In Amore Et Bellum. Personally I'm not a very big fan of overkill, but unless you relocate your hand in three seconds, I'll be more than willing to make an exception."

          I don't think I've ever seen anyone move their hand away from anyone's chest, faster than Threat-To-The-Fire-Department moved his hand from Holly's. Clearly he's never read Codename: Fanfics cover-to-cover, as otherwise he would know that he must have a death wish to do that.

            "Oh, there's a fantasy one too. It's new, called 'When the War Began, there was no conflict', by Melody_Malone. And don't dare forget that Batman-themed one." I requested, as she smiled more. That one was a very fierce competitor, with a dark side to it.

               "Ah yes. When The Music Stops, They All Fall Down. A classic one, with a twist of Gotham City to it. It's such a shame the author was deleted. He definitely described Harley Quinn's rection to being called 'Mother' very well." She continued, shooting What's-A-Brush an amused look.

            “Do we die in all of them?” Curly asked. “Cause that’s sort of wrong.”

         “The amount of horrendous fan fiction on the site is what’s wrong,” I snapped. Taking a deep breath, I continued, “No, you don’t die in all of them. Some of them are just our way to vent. We rant. There’s ‘Rants of Movellas’ by Movellas Reporter, where the rants are awesome, ‘RantBook’ by me (Mina Rowen), ‘Case Closed:Rants’ by RoRo (aka RockaRolla), and one of my favorites, Mercury’s ‘a non-directioners guide to become popular (on movellas). There are others too, but I can’t really remember them at the moment.”

            “Don’t forget the funny ones!” Holly reminded me.

            “Yeah, then there’s the funny, satirical ones. Sakura is really good at those, like in ‘1D DIRTY IMAGINES!!!!’, which was basically an awesome idea. I’m not going to reveal the surprise there. She also wrote ‘Guide To Learn to Write Good for Movellians’, ‘How to Be a Good Directioner’ and ‘how to write the best 1d fanfic!!!!!!’. And you have to read ‘Ooh, Burn’ by Flyonzewall.  ”

            “That’s a lot,” Harry said, as I continued to belt out names and authors.

           “There’s hundreds,” Holly said. “You can find them in some groups like ‘the Brotherhood’, ‘Machiavelli’s Study’, ‘Da Vinci’s Workshop’, the 'd'Alvanio Barracks, or ‘Anti Directioners’.”

            “And none of this has stopped the fans?” Leprechaun asked.

      “No, it’s basically hundreds against thousands,” I said. “And your fans love you, a lot.”

            “God knows why,” Mercury muttered.

            “And there’s more,” Holly said. “All this is just the indirect stuff,” She added. “We’ve had petitions, we sent group emails, and we constantly report the movellas with erotica or obscenity in them. There was even a protest in December, where we boycotted the site all month. Too bad NoMovellasDecember was a complete fail.”

            “And nothing changes,” Mercury said flatly. “The movellas keep popping up, or new ones take their place.”

            “It’s so damn frustrating,” I hissed, quite furiously. They all stared at me. Pent-up anger, it was bound to come out sometime. Ignoring some of the concerned (from Holly and Mercury), and the bewildered, scared looks (from One Direction), I continued.

            “Do you know what it’s like to work really hard on something, and have it almost ignored?” I yelled. “You wouldn’t, would you? You so much as smile, there’s a hundred people to take pictures!”

            “Every writing site is turning into a virtual slushpile, and we hate that this site is headed in that direction!” I screamed, and then stopped. I was out of pent-up anger. Realizing I was standing up, I smoothed down my tank top and sat back down. “I’m on this site to improve, to help other people improve. But anything other than ‘Amazayn! Update update update or kill you!’ is taken as an insult!”

            “Mercury, could you tell them about this please?” I asked.

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