One Direction at Forty Thousand Feet

One Direction fanfic.
Ever wondered what would happen if the boys of one direction got their hands on movellas?
Well here is a short fanfiction telling you just that.


7. Taking them down, brick by brick

In this chapter I will be naming and shaming real people on Movellas, you can even research them. Whatever you do, don't hate on Mina Rowen or LittleMsHollywood. If you have hate direct it at me. Mercury. In fact I challenge you bring on the hate, I will answer the hate accordingly. My weapons of choice are; proper grammar, understandable English and correct punctuation.

'What could possibly be worse then this?' Styles asked.

'They're the latest thing here, and irritating so much more then the others.' Mina replied. 'Now, you'll get to see them. Mercury?'

'Ok just let me get the list up.' I replied, tapping on the search engine.

'Shall we just list the ones with the "f***" in the name?' I asked.

'I'm sure that will be more then enough.' Mina replied.

I went through the list of the names that had something to do with one direction. Starting with, "1d_fuck_me13494" and ending with "niallersfuckbuddy"

All the boys sat in there chairs in shock horror, poor Blondie was shaking, he was leaning over me, reading some of the names, and I could smell his parfum, it reaked of bubblegum and spearmint. A revolting combination. 'Dude, are you wearing women's perfume?' I asked, it seemed with each shake droplets of the stuff were falling off him and onto me.

'Who are these people?' fire hazard (Zayn) asked.

'We don't know all we know is they really want your D's." I replied.

'Shall we move on?' I asked.

All of them gulped at the same time.

'Lets go through all possible names, by searching your, one at a time.' Mina suggested.

'Good idea.' Holly added.

'Let's start with…' I put my finger to my chin and looked over each one, my eyes narrowed on Zayne, who was perving on Holly's ass, as she leant over the back of her seat. I narrowed my eyes, the said, 'Let's start with perv over there.' I said. He looked up and failed at acting confused.

I went through all of there names starting with "AmazaynEmily" and finishing with "Liam<3me1".

'See how many there are.' Holly said.

'We had no idea.' Mr Rabbit exclaimed.

'Oh but you do, I'm sure Holly would love to explain.' I told them.

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