One Direction at Forty Thousand Feet

One Direction fanfic.
Ever wondered what would happen if the boys of one direction got their hands on movellas?
Well here is a short fanfiction telling you just that.


13. Swimming in the Toilet

Mercury's POV

After Holly came back out of the bathroom, I rushed in too have my share of throwing up. There is an unspoken rule that you DO NOT, write about incest that is a barrier you should never cross. The Parfum coming off of that movella, was the foulest I've ever had the displeasure of smelling. Once I had finished with my presentation to the toilet about how I felt about that particular Movella, I turned to find an unconscious Leprechaun slumped on the floor. I thought for a moment, the door was locked and two idiots were smacking on it to try and retrieve their personal pot-of-gold boy. I knelt on the ground and wrapped my hands around the collar of his shirt. I shook him violently awake, slapping him in the face. He didn't wake up. For a second I thought Holly had claimed another life, but I felt his pulse and he was still breathing, thank god. I don't want to go to jail because of her. I suddenly had a brilliant idea. For some reason or another there was an empty water bottle on the floor next to the sink.

I picked it up and dipped it in the now vomit-free toilet water. Filling it up to the rim. I then proceeded to carefully pore it on his head and down his shirt.

He still didn't wake. I dragged him to the toilet and shoved his head in. His hands started flailing, so I brought his head out of the water. 'What the hell man?' he yelled, and I knocked him out again in one punch. That felt good.

'I heard you were unconscious on the floor, I tried shaking you, I even pored the water on your head, but that didn't work, so it ended with you taking a dip.' I replied to the newly unconscious Niall, before standing up and unlocking the door. Curly and Payne were standing outside, they saw the drenched and unconscious Niall, then let me pass.

I sat down and decided to go on my phone. The only problem was, I couldn't find it anywhere. Holly was busy informing Curls about the shirtless covers of him, that were edited to make it look like he was kissing Stripes whilst feeling himself up. Stripes was on his phone going through his texts. Except it wasn't his phone it was mine. Those texts weren't his they were mine.

'Oi, Pigeon head!' I yelled, he frantically looked up and when he saw me he tried to stuff my phone in his pockets. 'WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!' I yelled. I started to advance on him. He tossed my phone at me, I caught it in one hand but kept advancing. Nobody touches my phone, I don't care who they think they are. He looked unfazed as I stalked up to him. Well, it was only natural to think that if a boy who was scrawnier then you, you were going to relax.

'SO who is Jessica?' He asked. I froze, he didn't read that.

'How did you..' I started but he cut me off.

'All those heart felt poems you wrote for her, shall I read one?' He asked.

'Don't you dare!' I shouted.

He cleared his throat and began one of the poems. Shit he had a good memory. If he doesn't stop I'm going to smash the memory out of him.

I told him too stop and for once he listened, perhaps it was the way I cracked my fingers, or it was the death stares Holly was giving him. I think it might be the latter.

'Now, there is only a few more things we need to show you before were finished and you can return to your ignorance, besides the plane will be landing soon.' Mina explained.

'Good idea, one of the newest crazes is making multiple accounts.' I explained.

'So what?' Stripes asked.

'Shut up pigeon brains, oh and just letting you know pigeons hate being called Kevin. They complain about it all the time. The point is they're fanning themselves to make themselves look more popular so more people read there fan fics, leading to more stories due to "requests" then that will lead to the creation of these erotica filled, Movellas.' I explained.

Pigeon head looked devastated. 'Who the HELL do you think you are!' I heard a voice say behind me. I spun around to find Zayne and Payne standing with their arms crossed and a sopping wet Niall behind them.

'Whatever do you mean?' I asked innocently.

'You know what I mean, putting Niall's head in the toilet. Then knocking him unconscious again. What kind of fan are you?'  flammable asked.

'F-fan? You think I'm a fan? What did all that gel go to your head or something?' I asked. He frowned then said.

'So if your not a fan, then who are you?'

'Some of the people trying to put a stop too all this madness.' Mina answered.

'That still doesn't explain why you dinked Niall's head in the toilet.' Payne said.

Holly and Mina burst out laughing, both Curls and Stripes let out a small chuckle but stopped when they saw the looks, Niall was giving them.

'He has a crush on a girl named Jessica!' Stripes blurted out. I heard a thwack and turned around to see Holly had just smacked Louis upside the head.

'The girl I have a crush on is madly in love with Blondie, she won't go out with anybody else but him, she thinks she has a chance.' I explained.

'Is she hot, cause if she is I want to meet her.' Niall said.

I launched myself off the ground and at the terrified Niall. Flammable and Payne held me back, I could smell that stupid bubble-gum perfume on them so I stopped struggling against them and pushed myself away from that horrible parfum.

'As I was saying, having multiple accounts to fan yourself, might seem harmless but in actuality, it can cause a chain reaction that ends up with more Porn Fiction.' I explained.

'The covers are becoming the worse with each Movella. Holly was talking about it before, care to continue?' I asked.

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