One Direction at Forty Thousand Feet

One Direction fanfic.
Ever wondered what would happen if the boys of one direction got their hands on movellas?
Well here is a short fanfiction telling you just that.


15. Sweet Dreams

Mina's POV


Holly might have had more to tell them. But all the talk about One Direction was making me sick. Considering everything that had occurred in the plane's bathroom, I wasn't willing to set foot in there. Only other option, sleeping off the nausea.


"You go ahead, Holly," I said, taking the airplane's eye mask into my hands and slipping it over my face. I took out my iPod and plugged in my earphones, letting the music act as my lullaby. "And make sure none of them come near while I'm asleep."


I think I heard a vague reply, but I was too tired to pay attention. Sleep overwhelmed, and my mind emptied all at once.


I woke up to sounds. Disturbing noises came from nearby, that made me want to kill someone. I ripped off the eye mask. The boys were singing. Holly was tied to her chair. They had gagged her with scarves dunked in their perfume, and tears were coming out of her eyes. Mercury was similarly stuck. He constantly thrashed about and tried to spit out the scarf in his mouth.


Looking down, I saw that my hands were tied as well, except they had tied my hands in front of me. Bad idea. The Human Mop had just started a new song, and they were all nodding along.


"Please, please stop!" someone said. It was a sweet voice, a beautiful voice, and I opened my eyes to see a familiar face next to me. Those round spectacles, the characteristic hooked nose. John Lennon?


And the fiends had tied him up as well and forced him to endure the torture. I slipped my hands out of the ropes and covered Mr. Lennon's ears. I was a mere human, I could take that torture. He would die if he heard that. Wait. He was already dead. I looked down towards his face again. Oh, Bille Joel Armstrong, the lead singer of Green Day. That made far more sense.


"Make it stop!" he screamed melodiously. "Make it stop!"


"I will," I mouthed to him, and let go of his ears. Ducking behind one of the extra-large first class seats, I watched as they all listen to Mophead screech out some shallow lyrics about a girl.


I took the nearest thing that I could find, a two-by-four and stealthily headed towards them. Mophead was the first to go, landing on the carpet with a dull thud. Finally I could hear myself think again. After whacking Inflammable across the face with the two-by-four I dropped it and kicked the Leprechaun in the gut. The other two cowered before me, and I took the time to untie Holly and Mercury. Holly walked over and with one ninja-style kick knocked them both to the ground. She slumped down onto a chair and breathed deeply, getting the perfume out of her system. Mercury kicked Mophead once for good measure, and then fell into the nearest seat.


I knew what I had to do. The nearest door beckoned to me, and I turned the heavy latch. I dragged them to the open door, and pushed them out one by one. I stood at the door, taking in the beauty of the setting sky, the vivid Pink. The song "Paradise" played loudly everywhere, and I smiled contentedly.


But "Paradise" was a song by Coldplay, and we only had a Green Day singer on the plane. I turned around to face Holly, as the song started to get quieter.


"Wake up, Mina," she was yelling. I didn't understand, and stepped back at her hostile tone. "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" started to play throughout the sky, and John Lennon smiled at me from the airplane door as I floated through the pink sky and the golden clouds...


My eyes fluttered open, and Holly was standing was over me.


"Hey," I mumbled.


"God, you sleep like a log," she grumbled. "You've been asleep for two hours, and you were mumbling about John Lennon or something."


"Ah," I said, taking out the headphones which were now playing "Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds".


Putting away my iPod, I looked back at her. The boys were sitting in another corner of the plane, but I wanted to ignore them as long as possible, trying to keep my dream alive for as long as possible.


"It was nothing, Holly. Just a really good dream."


"Were you dreaming about your stories again?" she asked suspiciously. That tended to happen when I thought about my stories too much, or when I thought about anything.


"No, I've gotten over my writers' block," I assured her. "I just uploaded a chapter in 'Dragon Day', which is at the moment, numero uno in the fantasy section, and I'm going to update 'In Love and War' soon, okay?"


"If you're sure," she said, still unconvinced.


"I'm sure," I told her. "It was a good dream though..."


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