One Direction at Forty Thousand Feet

One Direction fanfic.
Ever wondered what would happen if the boys of one direction got their hands on movellas?
Well here is a short fanfiction telling you just that.


16. Strange Sleep

'I think I might take your idea of sleeping off the rest of the trip.' I said to Mina. She nodded her feebly in agreement. Whatever she had been dreaming about had obviously been a good dream.

I sat down in my chair and started to think about the next chapter of Wildfire. Some awesome fight scenes for sure, maybe Thyme's other secret could be revealed...

I woke up to the sound of screaming girls. I blink the slep out of my eyes and get up off the ground. Teenage girls were all around me screaming their heads off. They're all staring in one direction, I look to see what it was they were staring at, unfortnately the "one direction" they were staring in was at "one direction"

'Crap.' I whisper to myself. Not that I needed to whisper, I could scream at the top of my lungs and no one would hear me, at those words all the girls disappeared, and the mosh pit I was in changed to the colosseum in Rome, except it was fully restored, all the screaming girls now sat in the seats and instead of screaming for One Direction, they were screaming for blood.

The five idiots were standing at the opposite end of the arena. I look to my left and see a rack of weapons and shields. I hope I am supposed to kill them, it would be remarkably easy. I pick up a bow and a quiver of arrows, I realise I might need some melee weapons as well, so I grab the fighting long knives and shorter throwing knives. This was going to be fun.

My victims started to advance on me. I laugh, do they hope at beating me with fists? Idiots.

I start to walk toward them, nocking an arrow and as I do so, the boys start to change. Fur started to grow all over them, and they grew in size. They were turning into replicas of how I imagined the Kaninsan's from my Movella Wildfire. Saying that I knew there weakness.

'OI! UGLY!' I yell to them, and instead of accepting the "compliment" they seemed to get even angrier. One with stripy brown and black fur growled and drool fell from his mouth, he was probably Louis. The one next to it had hair that was extremely curly, Styles. The middle one's fur was blonde, Horan. The next one's fur was sleeked back and looked like gel had been slicked through it. The final one looked like a regular Kanisan except he seemed to be edging away from one of the guys selling food, he was selling soup, and soup meant spoons. That one was Payne.

This was going to be fun. Suddenly Payne leapt at me, his fangs gleaming with drool.

I nocked two arrows and realeased, one knicked his ear the other wedged itself in its eye. Blood gushed from the wound and slowly the dead Kaninsan truned back to a dead band Member.

The blonde Kanisan leapt at me enraged. I grinned evily and shot arrow after arrow at it. The irish beast dodged them all, he was fast. I ran forward and discarded my bow. I drew one of the long knives and feinted to going for the right side of the head, blondie fell for it and I slid between his legs, raising the knife to tear open the soft underbelly. His guts fell out and the dead Kanisan slowly turned back into a Blonde irish boy.

Two down three to go. I quickly retrieved my bow and aimed another arrow at the Zayne Kaninsan. He bared his teeth and leapt at me. I shot an arrow but it boucned off its hide harmlessly. I bared my teeth. It grinned.

'My gel stops anything from breaking through. It could stop a Cleaver.' The indestructible beast explained. I was startled that it could talk, when I remembered Wildfire, Kaninsans could talk.

It howled and for a milisecond I saw pink flesh. His mouth was his weakness. I drew another arrow and knocked it.

'Sorry, I didn't quite hear you.' I yelled to the beast. He fell for it and opened his mouth to talk, and I loosed the arrow, it implanted itself inside the startled mouth of Zayne. He slowly tuned back into a human, Holly would certainly like to see that sight. A dead Zayne with an arrow sticking out of his mouth.

Stripes hesitated for a second then, like his comrades and leapt at me, also like his comrades he died at my feet, this time a throwing knife wedged in his skull.

Styles was the only one left. But instead of leaping at me he turned back into his human form. Then ran at me, I smiled, this was going to be easy. I dropped my bow, empty quiver and dropped all the knives, they would've got in the way of what I was about to do.

He used the moment he gained from running to throw a punch right at my face, if he wanted to beat me with that he would have to do better. I moved my head to the side and tripped him onto his face. The crowd was screaming in hysterical laughter now. Angry he got off the ground and kicked me in the side. Winded I fell to my knees. More laughter from the crowds. Styles was standing behind me, so I rolled forward away from him. I landed in a crouching position. I stood up and tunred toward him. He squinted his eyes in anger then in one swift motion I had spun and with my heel aimed a kick to the side of his head. He blocked it with one arm, using the other arm to absorb the deadly impact. He wrapped his fingers around my ankle, and held tight.

Damn he had a strong grip, I thought to myself. An idea occured to me and I twisted my body the other way and punched him, he brought his free arm up and caught the punch. He thought he had me, He had caught two of my limbs and I was in no position to punch him. I thought for a split second, I grinned at him. He frowned for a second. I brought the foot I had planted on the ground up lightning fast and kicked him in the chin. He let go of my body and I fell back onto my ass, I turned it into a roll and pushed off the ground with my hands mid roll and I went flying into the air. I landed on my feet, bending my legs to absorb the impact, I was crouching again, with my left leg extended to my left. Both my palms flat on the ground in between the fork of my legs. Styles was on the ground, he didn't get up.

I walked over to him and looked down at his unconscious form. I had an idea.

I slapped him awake and his eyes fluttered drowsily. He looked at me in fear, he tried to get away but I slammed my foot on his leg, snapping the bone. I did the same to his arms. He lay there struggling for breath. He looked peaceful. Seeing as his death was coming.

Using the strength of a troll I opened his mouth and started to separate the teeth. I didn't want the top row of teeth any where near the bottom row. I pulled as hard as I possibly could. The skin in his cheek began to tear as I slowly ripped his head in half.

'Die Styles DIE!' I screamed as the last threads of skin came free, a roar of approval spread throughout the crowd. Looks like One Directions "fans" weren't as devoted as they thought.

At that moment I was awoken by the fully formed head of Styles. I groaned, it was just a dream.

'Dammit.' I whispered.

'Die styles die huh?' He asked. I nodded and he stepped back a bit then sat down next to Zayne who was trying to cop a feel of an "asleep" Holly. Obviously she wasn't asleep because without even opening her eyes, slapped his hand away then when he leaned in for a kiss punched him in the face.

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