One Direction at Forty Thousand Feet

One Direction fanfic.
Ever wondered what would happen if the boys of one direction got their hands on movellas?
Well here is a short fanfiction telling you just that.


3. Introduction to Movellas

Mercury's POV

I watched as the one who didn't look like he'd touched a hairbrush sat down next to Mina, she turned and looked out the window, he made an awkward smile and faced the back of the chair in front of him. Which was occupied by the blonde one, Holly was staring daggers at him, she really didn't like One Direction. I smiled, then turned left and found a familiar face staring at me. 'Zayne.' I whispered.

'That's my name, I'm afraid I don't know yours.' He replied.

'Good,' I said. His smile faded.

The plane took off around five minutes later. Mina clutched her arm rests like they were the only thing keeping her sane, and they probably were. Old what's-a-hair-brush, over there put his arm around her shoulders, but she ended that pretty quickly.  His pale face now had a pink cheek.

'Do you know the girl sitting next to Niall?' Zayne asked me.

Yeah…' I replied.

'Does she have a boyfriend?' he asked. He was trying to get a good look at her over the seat in front of him.

'No.' I was seriously getting confused now, then it struck me.

'Cause I'd tap that.' He said, leaning back in his chair and putting his hands behind his head. His arm hairs reaching out from under the singlet top.

I had a minor vomit in my mouth, I've seen under arm hair before, heck I've got it but, I've never seen anything like that before, It was disgusting.

The light indicating "no electronics" blinked off and I whipped out my Ipad and began reading Codename: Fanfics, by LittleMsHollywood, a.k.a  Holly.

'Watcha reading?' Zayne asked. 'Codename: Fanfics.' I spat. 'What's it about?' He questioned. 'It's about a girl named agent Hollywood who is kill five tyrants and release the world from their rein of tyranny.' I explained.

'What are there names?' he asked.

'Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayne.' I replied shortly.

He looked at me with terror. I shot one of his goofy smiles back at him.

'Does she succeed?' He asked nervously.

'Why yes, after a horrible torture they do die a horrible death.' I replied still smiling.

'Who wrote it?' He asked angrily.

I laughed loud and evilly.

'Why the girl down there, sitting next too Niall.' I replied innocently.

His eyes widened in terror and shock, he was shaking. I laughed again.

'Looks like someone isn't getting laid tonight.' I replied, before going back to my reading.

'Is there anything else like that, in those books on that site your on?' He asked.

I rolled my eyes, then a thought came too me. I whispered the plan to Mina and told her too tell Holly.

'Why yes, I do believe there is, that is one of the few that involve your death though, the others are far nicer.' I said to him.

He leaned in close, I could smell the hair gel on this one, his parfum reeked of it. 'What are those ones about?' He whispered.

I slowly pushed his head back away from me and replied, 'Would you like to read them?'

I saw Mina talking to tangle bush, and Holly chatting with a nervous Horan and Payne.

'Would you like to read them too?' I asked Tomlinson.

'Why not.' He replied.

I picked the most graphic one I could find of Zayne and passed it too him to read. I sat waiting for that reaction. He looked bored but his face slowly changed from boredom to frowning, to absolute disgust. He pushed my Ipad away from his body.

The band members in front of me were doing similar things. Payne even threw up in a baggie, I wonder which one Holly showed him.

Tomlinson had his read of one about him, and he made a similar face to Malik's.

'Who wrote that crap?' He asked.

'Why, your devoted fans of course.' I replied innocently.

'Why would they write something like that?' Malik asked.

'Because their just showing how much they love you.' I answered.

Hah, the fuckers sure don't like their adoring fans now.

'I would never do that to a girl!' Styles exclaimed.

'Your fans seem to want you to.' Mina said to him.

Payne was still throwing up.

'Jeez, what did you show him Holly?' I called down too her.

'Nothing special, just a little something he apparently wrote.' She called back.

'Ah the role-play accounts, good idea.' I called back.

'I'm surprised you guys haven't read this sort of stuff yet, I mean you are on the website? Aren't you?' I asked Tomlinson and Malik.

'No…' They replied slowly after careful consideration.

'What's the website called?' Tomlinson asked.

Mina looked over her shoulder and said, 'Movellas.'

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