One Direction at Forty Thousand Feet

One Direction fanfic.
Ever wondered what would happen if the boys of one direction got their hands on movellas?
Well here is a short fanfiction telling you just that.


4. Heavy Artillery

            The plane slowly rumbled to life, the jet turbines humming loudly. I gripped the seats tightly, and hoped that nothing would explode, there wouldn’t be any bumps on the runway, and that I would be able to keep my lunch down.

            I saw a hand slowly making it’s away across my shoulders. First instinct, my hand went out with lightning speed and met his cheek with a sharp whack. He respected my personal space after that. Eventually the nightmare of takeoff was over and the plane was cruising along, altitude at forty thousand feet as the pilot announced.

            I got out my laptop, determined to make use of the free wi-fi. Opening up the mumbles page on Movellas, I checked for anything interesting.

            “So, you’re a fan?” the guy next to me asked. I couldn’t remember which one he was. Brown curly hair that looked like a dismembered mop. Wait, he was Harry. The one I despised the most since he shared a name with my beloved Potter.

            “No,” I said quickly. “I’m the exact opposite.”

            He had this cheeky smirk on his face that Holly would have wiped off with an AK-47.

            “Well, those seem to be my pictures on your laptop right there,” he said. I looked towards the screen that had just loaded. His face (and hair) was plastered all over the screen and I grimaced. Mercury was talking to the dark-haired guy sitting next to him, and he leaned forward to whisper something to me.

            “Hey Mina, show them their fanfics,” he suggested. I understood immediately, and passed on the message to Holly. I got rid of the grimace from before and turned towards Harry.

            “Actually, this is a writing site with a lot of your fans on it,” I said with a fake smile. “Would you like to read some of the stuff they wrote?”

            He seemed confused at the sudden change, but shrugged. I opened the latest movella that I had readed. It hadn’t been taken down, despite a gruesome description of rape, and Harry thinking that he owned a girl. I handed the laptop over to Harry, who stared at the screen for a little bit.

            “Is this English?” he asked.

            “Just bad English,” I responded. “Go on, read more.”

            He looked at me questioningly and continued. I looked out the window at the soft white clouds, imagining the change of his expressions with a slightly sadistic smile on my face. I could hear that Mercury was having fun, and whatever Holly made the boy next to her read, it was obviously traumatizing him.

            Suddenly I had the laptop shoved into my lap.

            “That stuff is sick!” Harry exclaimed.

            “Who wrote that crap?” Louis asked. I zoned out while Mercury answered their questions. The guy was having fun.

            “I would never do that to a girl!” Mophead claimed.

            “Your fans seem to want you to,” I retorted.

            Finally one them asked the question I had been begging to answer.

            “What’s the website called?” the one called Louis asked.

            “Movellas,” I answered. It was time to bring out the heavy artillery.

            “So, how many things like these are on here?”

            “We don’t know the exact number,” Mercury said.

            Holly, the most informed of the group, answered, “By our estimates, they’re in the thousands.”

            “Ah,” Harry said, a strange painful expression coming over his face. “And people read these things?”

            “Read the comments, if you dare,” I said.

            “So, they just sit around writing about being with us, and marrying us, and being, like, abused by us?” Harry asked.

            “Oh, not just that, they write for other people too,” I answered. “These things called ‘imagines’.”

            Mercury opened up one of the imagines pages and scrolled down to the comments. Niall read them aloud.

            “harrysslut4ever wrote, ‘make mine wit harry, and Zayne, and just all of them. I have pretty blue eyes, and fake blonde hair. Plz make it drty x10, plzz!’.”

            “niallstheone16 wrote ‘make mine with niall, who rapes me and I get pregant, and he cums bak cuz he luvs me’.”

            “Disturbing stuff, Tommo,” Niall said, shaking his head. Tommo just nodded.

            “Wait, there’s more,” I said with a smirk. “Holly, could you do the honors?”

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