One Direction at Forty Thousand Feet

One Direction fanfic.
Ever wondered what would happen if the boys of one direction got their hands on movellas?
Well here is a short fanfiction telling you just that.


1. Free Tickets

Heathrow airport was even busier then I expected. I looked around the massive building, my best friends Mina and Holly on either side of me.

'Where's the gate to LaGuardia?' Holly asked. She stood up on her tip toes and glanced around the building.

'I can't see anything.' She added.

'Lets go ask the front desk.' Mina suggested.

The front desk lady turned out to be the bringer of bad news.

'I'm dreadfully sorry, but it seems as we have overbooked the 1:00 flight to LaGuardia, would you perhaps like to go on the 4:00 flight instead?' She asked. The lady at the front desk smiled, her chemically enhanced white teeth beamed on me like a flood light. Her blonde hair was tied up in a tight bun and she had bright pink lipstick smeared across her face.

'What do you guys think?' I asked. They both nodded their agreement. 'Yes please, we would love to take the 4:00 flight.' I informed the front desk lady. She tapped away at her computer screen. 'Okay, I've booked you first class tickets on the 4:00 flight to LaGuardia.' She handed us our tickets and stamped our passports. 'The gate opens at 3:30 and closes at 3:45, don't be late, the plane waits for no-one.' She added with a smile. But I was still in shock. 'F-f-first class.' I stammered. 'Yes a gift, consider it our apology for getting your times mixed up.' The lady blinded me with her teeth again before shooing us away so she could deal with the next customer.

'First class tickets too LaGuardia.' Holly screamed, she was wearing her traditional black vans and dark green skinny jeans, along with her favourite Metallica hoodie. 'I know, I wonder who else will be in first class?' Mina asked. She was wearing blue jeans and a pale blue tank top. 'Yeah, hopefully nice people.' Holly answered. 'I heard first class has free Wi-Fi.' I shouted in excitement. I was wearing black track suit pants with yellow vans and a blue hoodie. I don't care about what people think of me, I wear what I want. Besides Mina made me wear pants.

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