One Direction at Forty Thousand Feet

One Direction fanfic.
Ever wondered what would happen if the boys of one direction got their hands on movellas?
Well here is a short fanfiction telling you just that.


5. Divide And Conquer

Holly's POV

A wicked grin crept across my face, as I focussed on Tommo and the one she saved a particular hatred for, Harry. "Which one of you two has the strongest stomach?" I asked them both, in a voice like a scalpel blade.

Nervously, Louis put up his hand, clearly worrying about what I was going to show him. He'd seen how Liam had wound up losing his lunch over what he had 'apparently said', and I bet he was thinking he was next.

I guess it depends on the strength of their stomachs, and how vile the fanfic I pick is.

"Take a quick look at this, if you can handle it." I added, bringing up a particularly erotic one, that I've been trying to report for months now. Still, it keeps coming back again and again, despite the foul content.

I knew I should have handed them my laptop, instead of having them lean over me to read it. I know they have a women's perfume coming out soon, and they need to advertise it, but that doesn't mean they have to take a bath in it. It's way too strong, and I can practically taste it.

Oh well, it can't be helped now. There are perks to it though. Such as being able to watch Louis' facial expressions change rapidly, from interested, to horrified, then to disgusted in the space of a few seconds.

"Is that...ugh, what the? Larry Stylinson isn't real! Why the hell...did I just read what I think I just read?" He gasped, as I clicked on the author's profile.

"Hmm, well were you thinking you just read a faux-gay erotic romance where you cheat on Harry - sorry about that, Curly - with the pervert back there that needs to keep his voice down if he's going to talk about me? Because if you were, then you were right."

Behind me, I heard Mina and Mercury stifle their laughter, as the reddish glow of Zayn blushing was just visible from the corner of my eye. Ah, the bonuses of being a registered psycho.

Louis however, was far from laughing. His skin had gone the exact off-white colour as expired milk, and he looked like he was about to throw up. I think I may have shocked him with that piece of horrific writing, and the 'About Me' of the writer:

'hi, i rite fanfictyons. only boyXboy though. pleese check them out. if u want 1, i hav an imagenes book, Gay Shades Of 1D, wher u can rekwest any imagene u want. narry, zouis, liall...and if u want in extra xxx, just klik the 'fan' button.'

The content not only was appauling, but the age of the writer. "Is...Is she really twelve? Yet she wrote that!" Louis gasped, before making a wild dash out of the first-class cabin. Huh, so much for him having the strongest stomach.

"When he comes back, Curly, tell him that yes, she is twelve. She's not the youngest though to read these faux-gay erotica novels though."

Pretty soon, I had the remaining One Direction boys reading over my shoulder, as I brought up a particularly erotic one, featuring all five. Judging by the shocked expressions, I think the message sunk home.

"Do these 'Movellas' people actually do anything to stop this? I mean...that one. What the hell is going on in their heads?" The blonde one, Niall, asked, tapping a particularly vile one and bringing it up on screen.

How I wish I could say yes to that. Looking up, I solemnly shook my head. The 'Movellas' people seem not to care about kids fantasising about being kidnapped, gang raped and impregnated by five guys old enough to be their uncles. Jesus, what happened to little girls wanting to be princesses when they grew up, not teen mothers as a result of rape?

"We've got to do it ourselves." I sighed, sinking down dispiritedly in my seat, whilst giving Zayn's hand a quick slap, as I noticed it slinking around my shoulders. "I wish we could teach them a fact, could you do the honours, Mina?"

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