One Direction at Forty Thousand Feet

One Direction fanfic.
Ever wondered what would happen if the boys of one direction got their hands on movellas?
Well here is a short fanfiction telling you just that.


2. Boarding

Mina's POV  

          I hated airports. The sterilized smells, the strange people, and the constant delays of flights. The fact that I was going to be in first class was the only thing keeping me from biting people’s necks off. Heathrow was huge, but we didn’t have any trouble finding the terminal for Laguardia.

            Mercury and I were about to head into the normal lounge when Holly stopped us. To the side, there was a door with the words “First Class Lounge” written on it. She smiled and changed direction, walking through the door.

            We followed, and when the door opened… the room knocked me out of my bad mood. Gone was the sterilized smell, the strange people, the general aura of restlessness. The room had ambience, with soft lighting, pale yellow walls, and modern art that didn’t alienate me. The people there didn’t seem the least bit surprised by a bunch of teenagers walking in.

            Holly and I sat down on a soft plush sofa, while Mercury took out his iPad and unceremoniously landed on a beanbag. The lounge had free wi-fi, and we spent the time waiting working on our stories and reading online. Three hours in, about twenty minutes before they were going to call for boarding, there was a sudden commotion in the lounge.

            I spotted a bunch of tall guys, one with a somewhat familiar mop of brown curls passing by. A lot of people stared at them, but the three of us were too involved in our books to even look towards them a second time. I forgot about them as soon as they were out of sight, ushered somewhere else by the staff.

            The intercom came alive and they announced for the first class passengers to board. I grabbed my bag and started out of the room, Holly in front of me and Mercury next to me.

            “She’s really excited about this, isn’t she?” I whispered to him.

            “Yeah,” he whispered back. We both watched as she handed the flight attendant her boarding pass with a flourish and a million watt smile.

            We walked through the airbridge, where I clung to Holly. I never enjoyed the things, suspended in air and supporting the weight of dozens of passengers. It shook a little, and I flinched. Holly dragged me along, until we were all in the plane.

            The airhostess pointed out our seats, and I was disappointed to see they weren’t next to each other. We were sitting in three consecutive rows, and they were all window seats. Good, I suppose. Holly would love them. I wouldn’t appreciate being able to see our actual ascent.

            We took our seats and waited. The light to turn off all electronic devices was still on, so I just leaned back and listened to Mercury talk.

            “I can’t believe this is first class, it’s so much better than economy,” he said.

            “Yeah, for four times the price, it would be,” Holly replied.

            “Seriously?” I asked. I knew it was expensive, but not that expensive. So Holly was right in her enthusiasm. Just then, the last batch of the first class passengers walked through. I only knew this because the air hostess let out a strangled gasp and then squealed.

            I resisted the urge to look back. It was probably someone famous. And if anything, I would probably make a fool of myself. The familiar brown curls showed up again, only this time I recognized them.

            The rest of the group shuffled in behind him, as he took his seat next to me. We were surrounded by them, and outnumbered. The blonde one was next to Holly. I was worried we would end up with a homicide on the plane. I looked out of the window, desperately hoping they would just go away.

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