One Direction at Forty Thousand Feet

One Direction fanfic.
Ever wondered what would happen if the boys of one direction got their hands on movellas?
Well here is a short fanfiction telling you just that.


6. A Lesson Learned

Mina’s POV

            I couldn’t help the evil smirk that came over my face. Of all the different kinds of fan-fiction, this was probably the one I found most vile. And unrealistic. I opened up the latest one that I had found. The girl was fifteen, the blonde one from the band was twenty-one, a prodigy that graduated early to become a teacher. Seriously, what kind of prodigies became teachers? That made no sense.

            Oh, crap. This is fanfiction. Sense has been thrown out of the window a long time ago. The boys were looking at me with looks of fear. Sure, this probably wasn’t as bad as the boyxboy ones. Harry was still in shock from what Holly showed him.

            “You’re like my brother, Tommo,” he kept muttering. “All of you, my brothers.”

            “We should really stop kissing each other on the lips,” Zayn suggested.

            I turned around my laptop so that they could read.

            “It’s liked they typed this up with their toes,” the leprechaun said.

            “In the dark,” Louis added.

            I just rolled my eyes, it had taken me half-an-hour to read the paragraph/chapter, decoding the text speak and trying to make sense of the plot. It had all ended with reporting the movella and a killer headache.

            “I’m a fuckin’ English teacher?” Niall asked. “And she’s fourteen?”

            He read it out loud, “ ‘But Mr. Horan, Im forteen, and yur twenty fiv.’ ‘Luv has no age, Avery. U run away, bt I can see in yur eys tht u want me.”

            “Pedo much?” Louis asked.

            “ ‘This is illeagal,’” Niall continued, gagging a little bit. “ ‘Forget al that’he said, carying her up the stairs braidal styl…”

            The leprechaun’s eyes bugged out and he pushed the laptop away. Harry reached for it, but Niall shut it closed.

            “Don’t you dare read that, Harry,” he warned. “We’re all going to regret it, and I can’t keep airplane food down as it is.”

            “Yeah, there’s stuff like that for every one of you,” Holly said. “And Mina probably gave you one of the better ones. The things I could show you, let’s just say, you would never be able to eat carrots again, Louis. ”

            Louis gulped. I knew the reality was probably worse than wherever his imagination was taking him.

            “If Eleanor got ahold of any of these things, she would freak out,” he wondered aloud. Turning to Holly, he asked, “Can we stop these somehow?”

            “A hundred and thirty five people, The Brotherhood, are trying,” Mercury answered. “But we’re basically up against a brick wall right now.”

            I smiled wryly. No trying in the world, no amount of mock-fictions could dissuade them. I took the laptop and opened up another one, this time with the roles reversed.

            “But, that stuff that the characters are doing, it’s illegal!” Zayne yelled, running his hand through his overly gelled hair and ruining it.

            “You’re saying ‘illegal’ now?” Mercury asked. “It didn’t occur to you when you read about the kidnapping and rape?”

            “God, they’re supposed to be our fans,” Liam complained. “How could they write this stuff about us?”

            Holly shrugged, and Mercury was smiling. I just silently motioned for them to read the one I had pulled up, where they were the students.

            “No school in the world would hire a teacher like this!” Niall said.

            Louis didn’t have anything to say, busy emptying the contents of his stomach. Reading badly written erotica was one thing, reading badly written erotica with rampant grammatical errors and really bad dialogue was even worse. It had taken me a few days to control my gag reflex, and these boys stood no chance.

            “If this was the worst, we could probably tolerate it,” Holly said. “But sad thing, it’s not.”

            “What’s worse than this?” Harry said. “What could possibly be worse than this?”

            “They're the latest thing here, and irritating so much more than the others,” I said. “Now, you’ll get to see them. Mercury?”

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