Forever and Always

Hi my name is Rebecca Moore I live in Ireland, Mullingar. I'm 17 and my mum just died a few weeks ago. I have long blond hair and green eyes. I now have 5 new friends; Niall, Harry, Zayn, Louis and Liam. I'm more closer to Niall but anyways. What will happen when all goes down hill will me and Niall start dating find out in this book.


7. Soccer

*Rebecca's POV*

When we finally got to the park we were split into team's.

The Three Horse Shoes; Louis Niall and Me

And the Three Sparks; Harry, Zayn and Liam.


Right now it was 3-2 and Niall's phone was ringing.

"Hello? What?... ok I'll be right there." He hung up and looked at us.

"sorry guys I gotta go I'll be home tomorrow afternoon." Niall said running off. A million and one thoughts were going through my head like

'What if I'm crying and Niall can't sing for me?'


'What happened will he be ok?'

Just the I was snapped out of my trance by Liam.

"We better get going to it's getting pretty dark."

"Liam what are we having for dinner?" Louis asked as we walked through the front door.

"I think we should have taco's" Harry suggested.

"What about carrot soup" or "CHICKEN!!!"

"Becca what do you want?" There was a silence.

"umm I'm not hungry" I said turning around and walking upstairs.

All I can think about is Niall not being here, the funeral and my dad. I sat down next to the floor to sealing window and leant me head on the cold glass.

What did happen that day my mum died. Well we (my mum, dad and I) were at a marine park next to the shark enclosure and my mum looked at us with teary eyes then jumped in the water. The blood from her body went everywhere. My dad was crying, I was balling and the workers had to clear the park.

I hadn't realised I was crying until Zayn put an arm around me. He pulled me to his chest as I cried.

"shh it will be ok" the more he said it the worse it got.

"Don't worry you still have us" After he said that it felt as if time had stopped.

"you're our little sister Becca bear we will always be here for you"

I sniffed a couple of times before looking up.


"yeah now come on lets go eat." He said standing up and holding out a hand for me to take.

we  got down stairs to see a table with; Chicken, tacos, carrot soup and rice with peas, chicken, onion and cheese. (my favourite)

We all sat down and got what we want. I still wasn't hungry but Zayn did stop me from crying so I just got a little bit of the rice.

As we ate there were about 3 conversations going on at once. The boys were talking about Niall, how good the food is and... Pitch Perfect?!?!?! I sat there and ate in silence while listening to there conversations. After I finished eating I stood up washed my plate and walked back upstairs. while I was doing this the boys watched me in silence. I got to my room and shut the door. Then I went on twitter, instagram, Facebook and tumblr. With nothing left to do I texted Niall.

To: Irish Lepricorn

Hey Ni thought I would just see if you're ok I gotta go bye x

I sighed and put my phone down.

"Becca!!!" Louis called from down stairs.

I went downstairs to see the boys (excluding Niall) standing in a row.

"what's going on?" I asked. they lead me into the lounge room and sat down.

"well you see- We wanted to ask- if its not to much trouble- how did your mum- die?" Liam stuttered seeing as it was a touchy subject.

"well you see me, my dad and mum went to a marine park. we were at-at the shark enclosure and she, she" I the tears roll down my cheeks as Zayn put an arm around me.

"she jumped into the w-water and the blood went every were."

"We-we didn't know we're sorry" Harry stuttered. I look up and I could see the boys trying not to cry.

I quickly ran into the kitchen, opened the freezer and got out Ice-cream.

I ran back into the lounge and gave each of  the boys ice-cream.

"thanks" they said stuffing their face with ice cream.

I giggled and got a photo of all of them eating ice-cream with Ice- cream all around there face watching a movie.


It was now 9:30 so I decided to go to bed.

"night boys"

"NIGHT BECCA!!" they yelled as I walked up the stairs.

I changed and slid into bed. All I could think about was the moment all blood seeped from my mums body. I turned over so I had my back to the door

I cried and cried. Like always.

"Becca hun" Zayn said sitting on my bed and stroking my side.

"c'mon love we will all sing to you" Louis said.

I turned over to see Louis, Zayn, Harry and Liam all sitting on my bed.

Liam played the guitar and Zayn started singing.

"your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me but bear this in mind it was meant to be and I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks and it all makes sense to me"

Then Liam continued

"I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile you've never loved your stomach or your thighs. The dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine but I love them endlessly...."

They continued singing as I fell asleep.

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