Forever and Always

Hi my name is Rebecca Moore I live in Ireland, Mullingar. I'm 17 and my mum just died a few weeks ago. I have long blond hair and green eyes. I now have 5 new friends; Niall, Harry, Zayn, Louis and Liam. I'm more closer to Niall but anyways. What will happen when all goes down hill will me and Niall start dating find out in this book.


11. Shopping

*Niall's POV*
When we got downstairs we saw Perrie and Eleanor here as well.
"Perrie! Eleanor!" I said running up to them and giving them a hug.
"Hey Nialler." 
*Rebecca's POV* 
When I saw Eleanor and Perrie I think it is. I just stood in the corner.
"And who is this?" I think Perrie asked.
"Oh sorry this is my girlfriend Rebecca" Niall said putting an arm around me.
"I'm Perrie, Zayn's girlfriend and this is Eleanor, Louis girlfriend."
"Um hi" I smiled.
"We're all going shopping wanna come?" Harry asked. 
"Sure let me go get changed." I said running up stairs. I then got changed into this.

After I got changed I ran downstairs grabbing my phone.

"you look beautiful." Niall whispered in my ear.


"Becca! You look amazing!" Eleanor shouted.

"thanks" I laughed.

"LEGGO!!!" Louis shouted dragging everyone out the door.


When we got to the shops Niall had to go get something and Liam went with him.

"so were are we going now?" I asked.

"umm lets go Look at... SHOE'S!!!" Perrie said dragging me and Eleanor to a shoe shop.

I looked around for a while then I found a pair of boots but the only problem was they were 150 dollars. they were brown with a silver buckle.

"You like them?" Niall asked rapping his arms around my waist.

"yeah but thy cost to much." I sighed.

"well I'll buy them for you. what size are you?"

"what no they cost much-"

"I make a lot of money and never spend it so I'm buying them for you."

"fine... I'm size 7" I smiled. He bought the boots and we joined everyone else outside.

"Oh EMM GEE IT ONE DIRECTION AND ELEANOR AND PERRIE!!!" Someone yelled. The next thing I knew we were surrounded by screaming girls.

"who's she?" "eww she's so ugly." "Niall who's this bitch?" Girls started to snicker.

"Oi this is my girlfriend and now we are leaving thank you." Niall said taking my hand and pulling me outside. I had silent tears flowing down my face.

"Don't listen to them Becca you are beautiful, you are mine Becca and I love you that's all that matters." he said before smashing his lips into mine. Our lips moved in sink for the first time. We finally pulled away after sometime.

"I love you to Ni"

"I'm guessing that was your first kiss?" he chuckled.

"yeah..." I blushed looking down.

"well you're a good kisser" He said lifting my chin up so I was looking in to his eyes then smashed his lips into mine again.

"EWW GET A ROOM!" Louis called with all the boys coming up to us.

I looked down blushing again.

"so much for shopping till we drop but anyway." Perrie said.

"how about we go to Starbucks?" I suggested. we all agreed and headed to Starbucks.


When we got to Starbucks we got coffee and sat down.

"So Becca tell us girls about yourself."
Eleanor said.

"well I'm from Mullingar I don't have siblings-" but I was cut off by Zayn.

"but-but am I your big bro?" He asked giving me a face that looked like he was hurt.

"yeah sorry Zayn I forgot. Yeah so Zayn's mum is adopting me because...." I said saying the last bit quietly.

"sorry love we didn't quiet catch that." They smiled.

"I don't want to talk about it" I said looking down and Niall rapped an arm around me.

"I'll tell you later" Niall said to the girls. I took a sip of my coffee trying my hardest not to cry.

"I-I'm going to the bathroom." My voice braking halfway through my sentence.

When I got to the bathroom I curled up into a ball on the floor in one of the stalls.

"love open up Niall told us what happened. we didn't know we're sorry" Eleanor said. This reminded me of when This happened with Liam He opened the door I think I should to.

I got up and opened the door. Perrie then embraced me with a hug.

"C'mon lets get you cleaned up." Eleanor said dragging me to the mirror.

They fixed my hair and put a bit of make-up on me. I looked in the mirror to see myself just I looked a whole lot nice.

"Thanks guys" I said giving them a hug.

"C'mon the boys must be waiting."

We got back to the table and talked for a while before we left to go home.


When we got home I ran Upstairs to put my new shoes away.

"Becca come down stairs" Niall Shouted. I ran downstairs.

"go into the lounge" I slowly walked in to see Zayn and a woman.

"Hello I'm Tricia... Your new mum" she smiled.

"I-I don't know what to say" I said starting to get emotional.

"You don't have to say anything love." she said giving me a hug. After she released I ran and give Zayn a big hug wrapping my legs around his waist.

Then everyone else came in the room giving me a hug.

"So wait have you signed the forms already?" I asked.


"so my name is now Rebecca Malik?"


"OH...MY...GOD" was all I could manage to say.

Everyone started laughing at my reaction.

"Shut uuuuup" I said extending the u in up.

"I've got to go sadly but I'll see you soon." Tricia or should I say mum.

"Ok bye" I said giving her a hug. I waved her off from the front door Then nearly trampled Niall with a massive hug.

I jumped on him and rapped my legs around his waist.


The girls are staying the night so Eleanor is sleeping with Louis and Perrie is sleeping with Zayn.

"I'm going to bed night." I called as I walked up stairs.

"your forgetting something" Niall said hugging me from behind. I giggled and turned around in his arms.

"Niall can you sleep in my bed with me?" I asked.

"yeah come on." he said.

"Niall turn around." I said I was trying to get changed but he was staring.

"babe I've seen you half naked before."

"Fine I'll turn around." I turned around and started to strip down.

"ugh I'm having a shower" I said walking into the bathroom.

I turned the shower on taking of my underwear and bra. I hopped in the shower when the bathroom door opened. I knew it was Niall.

"hey princess can I have a shower with you. we'll save water."

"fine" I groaned. I turned to face the wall. I then felt Niall snake his arms around my waist.

"you are beautiful you know." he whispered in my ear which made me shiver.

"not to bad your self" Niall then pulled me closer to him. I felt his length hit my butt for a second which made me flinch. I turned around and looked Niall in the eyes. We then slowly moved closer together until our lips met. we were in the middle of making out when I decided I would have some fun. I got the shower head and sprayed him in the face.

I laughed at him then got out the shower.

"I'm gonna go get changed." I walked out the bathroom and slipped on some short shorts and a singlet. I slipped into be then Niall joined a minute later in boxers.


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