L.S.P Last surviving person

This story is not what it seems you the reader must put the clues together you must take in all the content for it to make sense. I cant say a lot because it will spoil it. good luck and happy hunting.

1. ?

Where am I? This place wreaks of lavender scented paint. I wonder if this place is a prison or an interrogation chamber, I don't want to stay to find out. The room is metal and painted gray with Signs that say "Let some plead!!!" This is strange. I don't know why but i feel like I know this place, either way I must get out.

The door is open, great! This is a good start. The room is dark and cold, wait there is a gun on the wall. Hmmm looks like a m9 pistol with a grip, nice. That will come in handy. The hallway is dark and oh shit, a soldier. Bullets are flying past me."Your life is not worth it, get back in your cage" I hear him command. I fire a couple of bullets back and I hear a screaming with faint gargling, he is dead. I slowly tread towards him. Blood spotted around on his gun and mask. A gaping hole where his Adams apple used to be. I stare at his gun. Bloody hell it stinks! Well it looks in good shape, mp5 with red dot sight. This must be some rich organization. I take it and realize there is an other guard. BANG! Wait I'm hit? What, it went so fast, ahhh it hurts. Bloody guard I'll show him! Pulling out my m9 i fire twice and hit him twice. He hits the floor as i see blood gushing out of my wounds. Fuck! What has he done? Hit an artery? Well this is gonna take a while.

I limp toward the soldier to pick up ammo, when i realize his mask has: Legions soldier person. I am sure I have seen this before. The pain is excruciating but i must go on. After 20 minutes of walking down a long corridor, I find that I am inside a room with cells. Inside these cells lie monsters. The pain in my leg brings me to the floor and on my way down I hit one of the buttons that opens a cell. Fucking great! The beast steps outside. It is furry and large, seven foot long I think. It turns to look at me, oh god its face is terrifying! Its eyes are red with a squashed nose. Its teeth are maybe 15 cm long. Well, it can't be worse than a bullet. It lunges at me with its claws. Then to my surprise it stops right in front of me.

It plants its over sized teeth into my wound. Screaming in pain I punch it many times in the head and pull out my mp5. Now im pissed off, so i opened fire into its thick fucking skull. It cries in pain and drops to the floor, dead. To my surprise it has fixed my leg by closing the wound. Oh no I killed it for nothing. Bloody hell! Why do i always have the shitty end on the stick.Im still pissed off as i was 3 minutes ago, I run towards the exit, ignoring the ugly creatures around me. The door has a loud speaker on it. I listen to it as it blurts out useful information. "Warning a man called Phillip Stalkerpot has escaped! be careful for he is the: Lords so..." No you asshole. why did you shut down? I want to know who shut it down so I can fuck him up bad!



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