Another Cinderella Story.

Juliet's parents forced her to join her older sister Rosie on an One Direction concert. But Juliet decided to wait in the car, she never liked One Direction, actually, she doesn't like any celebrities at all. She wanted to go home after the concert but her sister wanted to stay looking for them. Juliet decided to take a cab home, but what happens when she meets Harry Styles trying to sneak out in the back of the arena? Read to find out.


3. The perverted one.

Juliet's P.O.V

Finally home! I brought up my keys unlocking the door, mom and dad must have gone to work again. The boys walked inside the house and looked around.

"You're telling us we're using too much money? Look at this place!" Harry spoke placing his finger on top of the piano sliding across it.

"My parent's stuff." I claimed as they laughed.

"They're paying for your stuff I bet." Niall chuckled walking into the kitchen.

"No, I'm earning my money myself by working." I spoke following Niall.

"As what?" I heard Harry's voice behind me.

"As a waitress at BurgerKing." I said watching Niall open the fridge.

"Holy Mother! Your fridge is like pure paradise!" Niall said as I giggled.

"Take as much as you want." I laughed and turned around bumping into Harry.

"So, what do your boyfriend think about you having five strangers at your house?" He smirked looking deeply in my eyes.

I bet that's how he gets all the ladies, that smirk. I bet all my money that it's that smirk.

"I-I don't have a boyfriend." I stuttered as suddenly my phone started to ring. I walked past Harry and into the hall.

"Quiet everyone!" I shouted as they remained quiet.

I picked up the phone, "Hello?" I said.

"You little bitch, why did you just leave without asking me?" I heard Rosie spat.

"How would I be able to ask you?" I replied as she groaned.

"I'll be at Cassie's place as you know, I'll be home in one week. Don't do anything stupid.. Or shall I say, don't do anything Juliet." She giggled and hung up.

I rolled my eyes placing the phone back in my pocket. Really? Was I supposed to be offended by that?

Walking into the livingroom I spotted Louis playing videogames with Liam and Zayn sitting alone across the room scrolling through his phone. Suddenly I heard Niall burp.

"Excuse you!" I shouted towards the kitchen.

"I'm excused." HE shouted back as I heard him and Harry chuckle.

I rolled my eyes as I walked over to Zayn. I sat down on the couch next to him bringing a pillow up to my face and cuddled it. He just looked up at me cocking an eyebrow.

"You know," I started, "You don't talk much." 

"If you want to see me naked, you just have to ask." He smirked looking down on the phone again.

"I liked you better when you didn't talk." I said placing the pillow down walking away.

Geez, didn't know Zayn was that perverted, thought Harry was the one by what Rosie tells me.

I walked over to Liam and Louis standing behind the couch, "Wanna join a match?" Louis asked knowing I stood behind them.

"No thanks, I like watch others play." I replied resting my elbows on the couch.

"You're giving me a pretty good view over here." I heard Zayn chuckle as I quickly stood up straight.

Jesus Christ, can he be more perverted?

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