Another Cinderella Story.

Juliet's parents forced her to join her older sister Rosie on an One Direction concert. But Juliet decided to wait in the car, she never liked One Direction, actually, she doesn't like any celebrities at all. She wanted to go home after the concert but her sister wanted to stay looking for them. Juliet decided to take a cab home, but what happens when she meets Harry Styles trying to sneak out in the back of the arena? Read to find out.


7. Really Harry? Again?

Zayn's P.O.V 

It starting to get late, Juliet was up in her bedroom after finishing dinner, Louis, Niall and Liam was in her basement taking a bath in her jacuzzi.

"Your turn." Harry smirks as I stands up from the couch.

"My turn." I smirked running my fingers through my hair.

I walked up to second floor knocking on her door, seconds later she opened it, dressed in nothing more than a t-shirt. 

"Can I come in? Need to talk to you." I said as she nodded and let me in.

I stepped inside as she closed the door, "A double bed?" I smirked and winked at her.

"To be honest Zayn, you scare me." She whispered walking to the door again.

Juliet's P.O.V

I opened the door a notch before Zayn placed his hand on the door over my head and closed it again. I turned around leaning my back on the door as Zayn got real close up to me.

"That I scare you, do you find it attractive?" He smirked as I swallowed.

"I-I find it s-scary.." I stuttered as he chuckled.

He took his hand down and grabbed my waist pulling me closer to him, "Zayn stop." I commanded but he ignored me.

Harry's P.O.V

I eavesdropped from outside her door. Zayn was a cheater when it came to our bets, he always forced the girls to sleep with them, which made him win every time. But not this time.

"Zayn stop." I heard Juliet say, "Zayn, not now, please stop!" She raised her voice.

Suddenly I heard a loud smack, "Ouch." I whispered to myself.

"You really shouldn't hit me." I heard Zayn growl as I decided to stop him before he does something stupid.

I quickly opened the door and I felt that I hit something. I stepped inside and saw Juliet laying down on the floor.

"Really Harry? Again?" She groaned.

"Sorry." I whispered looking over at Zayn.

I walked over to him placing my hand on his shoulder pulling him towards me.

"You can't force her." I whispered in his ear as he groaned.

"Fine." He spat walking out of the bedroom.

I turned towards Juliet and reached out my hand, she grabbed it as I helped her up.

"Sorry about that." I smiled, "No it's okay." She gave ma a smile in return.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow." I said about to walk out the bedroom before she stopped me by grabbing my wrist.

"Could you.. Just stay this night?" She asked as I nodded.

She layed down on her bed as I took off my shirt and turned off the lights. I walked over to the bed and layed down next to her.

"You wanna go to the beach tomorrow? After school.." I asked.

"Yeah, why not." She replied.

I tried to snuggle my arms around her waist, she noticed but didn't do anything..

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