Hair and horror

Get ready for some hardcore lovin


5. Naughty fun

Hours passed and then the boys came back to check on me. Then, a large grin came upon Niall as he suggested,"long as we have her down here,why don't we have some fun." Everyone else shook their heads in agreement. Harry came and removed my bra and pulled down my panties. Soon it was full blown chaos. I was forced to give Liam a blow job while Niall and Louis sucked away at my breast and zayn and Harry fingered my vagina and anus.i won't lie it was quite an experience until all the boys undressed and unchained me, then it became mortifieing. Zayn dominated my vagina with his 10 in. Dick. Harry hastily rubbed my clit and I was stuck giving two handjobs and a blowjob. As Zayn thrusted in and out of me, I yelped. And Zayn screamed at me," maybe next time you won't be a little bitch will you?!"

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