Hair and horror

Get ready for some hardcore lovin


6. A scary fate

Soon the pleasure/pain became so overwhelming. I squirted, covering the whole area in my sticky vaginal juices. Louis shouted,"sweetheart, your not done,we haven't even cum yet!" 30 minutes went by and I could fell the bulging glans on their penis' as if they were begging for realief. Soon Liam pulled out a small plastic box and had all of the boys cum in it (to my suprise they filled the whole thing.) I was curious of why they didn't do it on me. Then Zayn grasped my pony tail and had me lick off the excess cum on there penis' I was begging for mercy. Then he took my head and dunked me in the box of cum. He said," you'll have to drink up if you want any air." So I gulped away and soon the box was empty and I felt sick.

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