Flight of Darkness

A young vampire girl wonders the night with her clan. And as the laws go, they can never reveal what they really are. She finds a young boy about her age by himself. Becoming more than friends with another species is forbidden. But that doesn't stop them.


2. Open Your Eyes

My lips tasted a dark feel. As his lips touched mine, the taste never left me. It's like... despair, misery, hate, every negative feeling, I tasted in my emotions. But something else blossomed inside.

His eyes opened in a gazing red. Before I could say anything, bright embers crumpled through my skin. I screamed and cried. What's happening to me!?

Flames rose from the cracks in my skin. Darkness held me tight. My entire body burned to ash screaming out my last breath. And then, fell apart to dust in the air.

His fingers rubbed the ash where my hands used to be. Dropping his arms by his side letting the dust go in the gust of wind blowing by, he fell to his knees.

With his hands pressed against the ground, black tears watered in his eyes. Each drop fell in black mist near my dust of ashes.

His hands tightened to fists, and then thumped them down so hard it made a crack in the brick. Dark purple bat-like wings grew out from his back and then he sprung into the air flying away.

My eyes opened. Feeling pain in my chest, I tried to push open the coffin and sat up. What was that I just saw?

Looking into the mirror, my lips were pink no longer, but a pure red, red like the blood I drink. It's strange. My lips are flushed like I put lipstick on.

And then when I thought about last night, I remembered he was there. I'm confused. What did happen last night? Why don't I remember?

Walking out to the garden, I stepped around the fountain where we were. Flashes came to mind. We were here, I asked him to leave me alone. He pulled me back and went to kiss me.

Looking down at the fountain water, my mind contained a memory that brought me to my knees. Every kiss he gave me, every pain I lived, I'm only dust of ashes in the wind.

Sneaking to the library unseen, I wondered if there's any book written about what I've seen. I picked out a few books and sat with them.

Past-life memories; when you've lived another life before this one, you may remember things from a past-life.

Ok... I'm not sure about that. Come to think of it, I don't think vampires reincarnate exactly. If we're said to have no soul, why would we?

Hearing a thud, I closed the book and hurried to leave. Kyan's voice spoke from upstairs. He's our clan leader.

His powerful voice spoke aloud, "...He shall never return 'round here again! And if he does..!" Another thud hit the wall, "...His darkened soul shall ever perish into the fiery flames of Hell where he belongs..."

Fear rushed, was he talking about the demon? My foot creaked the wooden floor panel behind me. Kyan's shadow turned. I froze still. Hearing his footsteps, I covered my mouth from gasping. And then heard Reece's voice call from behind him, "Kyan!"

His shadow stopped and turned, facing his. Reece pointed his thumb and whispered in a low tone, "We have to go now."

I watched as his shadow disappeared with the creak of his steps rushing away. I sighed in relief, that was close.

Stepping out from the library, I saw a note folded on the end table under the purple vase with wild flowers. Taking the note out from under it, I unfolded the paper and read it;

Meet me at the front gates at 9:00


I looked at the time and saw it's now 9:01. So this is where Kyan's going? I wonder who he's meeting up. And why leave the note here?

In a dash, Reece held onto my wrist and took the note out of my hand, "That is not for you to see, missy."

In a temper I asked, "Then why is it left lying around under a vase?" He tore it up, "Well, Kyan didn't think anyone would sneak around to find it. I did tell him to tear it up, but he just shrugged and left it."

"Who's he seeing, and what for?" I asked. Reece turned to me, "None of your business." I sighed, "Oh come on Reece, remember when you and I caused trouble in the kitchen. And they didn't know who made a mess of slime on the floor, and we giggled for hours watching people slip over it."

He sighed, "That was a century ago, times are different now Fierce. I'm Kyan's assistant, and I take responsibility for what we do. We're no longer kids. I'm sorry."

Reece is still just as stubborn as always. If he won't tell me, then I'll just go find out for myself.

He grabbed hold of my wrist before I could leave, "No way missy. You're coming with me." I grunted from his tight grip, "Reece, please! Just let me go!"

I stomped his toe. He yelled. I ran out passed the garden, to the front gates. Where's Kyan, did he leave already?

I looked down at the gold metal piece left behind, his emblem badge. Did something terrible happen?

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