The One That Got Away

A self-written story about my life so far. It's not something you have to read, I just needed to get it out there. Enjoy if you do read.

It was then. That I reaized. It was time... To let go.


1. It's A Start


"Damn it."

"Go you fucker, GO!"

God I suck at this game. I'm done. I'm going to get food.

Alright I'm back. Why am I talking to myself again. I always act like I'm livestreaming 24/7. Whatever. I'm going back to watching Mark. 

"Dr---op The Bass"

What the- Oh. It was just my phone. Nobody ever texts me so I literally just freak out when it goes off. Amnesia's really gettin' to me. I really gotta cut down on gaming a little. Psh. Nah. Hey, Mave texted me. Now this is important. I guess I should explain who Mave is. His real name is Chandler, but we call him Mave (one of many long stories). Long story short, he's an amazing 17 year old guy that plays snare in drumline and loves Minecraft and Music. Just like me! ^-^ Which is why he's so amazing. He likes all the "cool" stuff. If you wanna call it that. I think it's cool. I doubt that matters. Anyway. I could go on forever telling you about him but I won't. Not now anyways. 

The text says: " :O Those are really good. I enjoy this." I'd sent him some of my drawings. He has this color app where you can color/edit/recolor pictures or just free draw and he'd colored one of my first ones for me, so I sent him more.
"Really? You like talking to me and coloring my drawings...?"
"Yeah. Beats hanging with family."
That small portion of our conversation made my whole day. I didn't care what else happened. That was all that mattered.

He's all that's ever mattered. 

To me at least.

As far as I know, he didn't care for me at all.

Let's try playing this one more time.

Damn it. 

5 Deaths.

20 Deaths.

Game Over. 

I tried. Hey, It's a start Jack. 

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