the real life of a teenager

One Direction the famous band is forced to go to mexico because they were not the same. What happen when they arrive with his new family and face problems they have never had
Will they know what a normal life is? read

The real life of a teenager




Calling Justin Bieber


Justin: hello?

Niall: Yo JB i have a friend here she loves you

Justin: letme talk to her

Niall: *give his iphone to Mar* here

Mar: WHAAAAT? h-he-hello?

Justin: hello beautiful

Mar: OMG hi JB

Justin: hi 


Justin: when is your birthday?

Mar: november 18

Justin: okay, well babe it was nice talking to you but i have to go now take care 

Mar: you to Justin  i love you so much

Justin: love you too bye


Niall: hahaha relax

Ryan: so how do you feel after you talk to your boyfriend?

Mar: so happy seriously 

Tomas: so guys i have a party tonight wanna come?

Mar: no im okay

Tomas: come on, no because its Ashleys Tom's house you are not going to have fun

Mar: but its her party too i will not hang a stupid thing of her

Harry: what's going on?

Tomas: Ashley Tom is a slut who made bullying to Mar so she don't want to come to the party cause is from Ashely

Mar: Tomas shut up

Liam: hey its okay you can tell us everything, you know i was bullied at school too

Ryan: see ass? and whatever happens you know i will always be by you're side

Mar: thanks RyRy you really are an amaizing friend

Louis: so lets go to the party




Ashley: hey Tomas, Ryan and Mar  * Fake smile * and omg One Direction * Hugs Ryan * thanks babe ( Ashley dream is to be a couple with Ryan :P )

Ryan: um Ashley i didn't bring them, actually Mar is friend's with them

Ashley: well Mar come in babe

Mar: yeah whatever  * enter the party *

Zayn: Mar

Mar: sup Zian? 

Zayn: please forget everything i said early i didn't know you get bullied at school

Mar: its ok Zayn, friends?

Zayn: more like brother and sister * hugs her *

Mar: yei

Zayn: so any friends here?

Mar: yes but i don't feel like talking to them

Ryan: Mar look who is here

Mar: omg Josh

Josh: ( he is Ryan best friend ) Hello Mar and ...

Zayn: im Zayn

Josh: hi haha so Mar i thought you wouldn't come

Mar: i wasn't actually but Tomas well you know him


*sexy and i know it start to sound*

Josh: Ryan this is our song lets dance

* they start dancing and doing dance lap to Mar thay were having fun*


Ashley: * take the mic * hello, um we all here want's to hear Mar sing right? well she sing's so bad but Mar come and sing let us have some fun * everybody start laughing *

Ryan: * takes the mic * laugh all you want you will end with an open mouth and i will sing with her our song

Mar: * smiles * ready?

Ryan: ready sister




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