the real life of a teenager

One Direction the famous band is forced to go to mexico because they were not the same. What happen when they arrive with his new family and face problems they have never had
Will they know what a normal life is? read

The real life of a teenager


6. New Life



*knocks on Mar's door*


(still Harry's pov) i was so happy cause i was gonna see her, Ryan opens the door


Ryan: you're turn mate * goes out and closes the door*

Harry: hello love

Mar: hi, Harry ca you give me a hug? I need to feel what love is

Harry: well you have Jorge so he gives you love

Mar: I broke up with him

Harry: why?

Mar: he made me choose

Harry: about what?

Mar: between him and Ryan so that's stupid cause everybody knows that Ryan its my everything so  i told him bye

Harry: * gives her a hug * im sorry about everything, why did he do that?

Mar: cause Ry and Jorge hates themselves , so yeah. Ry told me that two of the 1D boys are in love with me even if we just meet haha anyways he told me to choose so i'm assuming its you and Niall, since Liam,Zayn and Louis are taken well Louis is not but he likes my sister

Harry: and what if i tell you its not me?

Mar: well then i will ask you to bring Niall so i can kiss him

Harry: that's not gonna happen. that's not fair i liked you first

Mar: i knew it, so how's mom?

Harry: sad and tw why aren't you crying?

Mar: cause Tomas always wanted to be in heaven and I know he is happy so i should be happy too


Mar's pov:


Ok i know this is bad i hate to tell people im not strong, my life isn't easy 2 years ago i revice bullying Tomas, Mom, Sofia and Ryan where ther for me but mostly Tomas and Ryan, i remembered i was cutting myself when Ryan and Tomas show up in my room they saw me, i make them promise not to tell anybody like when i say anybody it means Mom and Sofia, so Tomas said  ¨ sis don't do this God send you all of this cause he knows you are strong, promise me that you will always smile I don't care what happen just smile ¨  and Ryan told me  ¨promise me that you will not commit suicide cause if you do it I promise I will stop being you're friend and you will never know anything about me even if your are in heaven ¨ so i promise that, they promise that too so i have to smile cause i promise Toms. Im dying inside, all our memories together started happening in my head I just need Toms, I need you brother, it's been 3 days since the accident, Harry and I have taken things more seriously, although we are nothing but some day. When I left the hospital the house had a sign that said Welcome Home, everything was different by not having to Tomas there everything felt weird as if the house is not full embers, everything was very quiet and needed my other half was just the beginning of a new life, today was the funeral of Tomas I dressed in a white dress because he always said if I die first I want you all to go white to my funeral so that's why i was wearing my with converse too, today each person was gonna say something to Tomas. His friends start to hug me and family too, then my brother's GF told us that she was 2 months pregnant with Tomas child even if she was 17 my mom tell her that she can count on us. We entered the church i wasn't paying attention at all but then my mom came to the front and she start talking.


Kate: I remember the February 6, 1995 I was admitted to the hospital because I was about to have my baby in my embers child 1 hour later  I was so happy my first baby boy was here, when I saw your face I knew you'd be the best son in the world so I decided to named you Tomas, you were very special. I remember the day when your dad and I divorced and we had no money but you and Mar went out to wash cars and the money you earned gave it to me and said Mom you haven't eaten anything because the food we have you gave it to us so go and eat cause i didn't know what i would do without you I will always be thankfull baby. Im dying inside cause i lost my only son its the worst thing ever but a little person came to me and make me realized that the life most go on cause I know you will always be with me son, and I know you will always be here so thank you baby for everything i love you, mommy.


I was crying Harry noticed so he take my hand and whispered ¨ Im here babe ¨ I just smile at him. It was my turn since Sofia didn't want to talk cause she was crying so hard and Regina just said ¨ I love you boo ¨  so its my turn, I went to the front and take out my speech I was sure that I was going to cry but like I say I have to be strong


Mar:  My beautiful brother that I can say for you, you were always with me, always always made ​​me laugh with everything, I loved your jealousy were beautiful, I miss you also miss your laugh, your voice, your hugs, your advice, your ¨ I love you sister ¨ miss all of you, it hurt your lost brother still hurts but there is a mega angel now who cares for me and that makes more mischief, you always have that place in my heart no one can replace you, you were only Tomas, really do not know as give anything to turn back time and see you, I hope that when it's my turn to go I hope you'll recive me with those hugs i miss and you will say You made it Freak now Forever together. Sorry sorry Tomas it hurts to talk, I hope that you are happy at home, free and re' resting bro, you made me the happiest I have no words to tell you how much I love you! You were, you are still be my soul brother, now i will sing Hero alone aw our song. I remembered you say ¨ Ryan and me are taking you to the church and you will walk down the aisle with us ¨ and we planned everything but i know that you will be there the day of my wedding as planned. It has been so difficult not having you here , but you once told me ¨ sister you are stronger than everything that happens in the world,so smile and it will kill everything ¨ I remember those words and remember that I have to be strong and that my smile you loved so much kill everything. I just want to tell you something very important brother that I never could say THANK YOU  thanks brother for evry single moment we shared together, I love you very much and I miss you a lot. Best brothers forever Love Mar 


As the time i was finished everybody start clapping I was so proud with my speech, I didn't even realized i was crying ,then Ryan came and hug me you know I lost my brother but Ryan is here that's all i cared about.



That was so sad :( Mar's speech was amaizing what do you think about her speech?

Do you like it?

Do i continued?

Wanna be in the story?

Lol Love you all BOOBEARS xx

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